Welcome to the memorial web site for Robert Lunday. Please take a moment to share your thoughts. If you would like to make a donation in Robert's memory, click here for a list of organizations. The text of Robert's memorial service is online as well.

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Date: January 16, 2014

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From: SemyAudiddivy <seermellinsip at myzxseo.net>
Date: January 11, 2014

I use to be a go-getter so I know it is embedded in my soul.
Hallo, bin 13 und gerade im Urlaub.

From: schuster76 <lebourge2013 at hotmail.com>
Date: September 15, 2013

i think it's hilarious, it's been like a month and yahoo hasn't banned it, it's like the final proof that this site is moderated automatically..

From: Abrarullah <info at raketpano.com>
Date: August 24, 2013

Keep it coming, wrietrs, this is good stuff.

From: Deashea <sato at kanzan.net>
Date: February 21, 2013

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From: Judi <jljmc at comcast.net>
Date: November 7, 2012

Well, Marijuana is legal in Washington. It is about time. :) Miss you my friend.

From: Cheryl <superstarletmom at yahoo.com>
Date: October 21, 2012

It's October again, it never goes by without me thinking of my childhood friend. You are missed my sweet friend. How is it possible that it has been 10 years?

From: Steve Teglovic <steve at teglovic.com>
Date: August 8, 2011

Someone mentioned Paul McBrides name to me yesterday. I havent talked to Paul since Roberts memorial meeting at that Seattle wooden boat museum. Of course it got me to thinking about Robert. Its very nice that people are still checking in and adding comments. Robert was a very special person, the world does not have enough people like him maybe heaven does.

From: Nora <nori at plix.com>
Date: October 9, 2010

As if it's news to you or your friends -- you are missed.

I had occasion to tell a young man that was here about you, recently. He was here to assist filming, chronicling the work for a documentary about the war on drugs and imprisonment. A scientific illustrator, performance artist, musician and more, we came together around a project, but was a wonderful experience to get to know each other. I thought of you a zillion times, I always do in October when the weather changes. But when I meet sweet, brilliant young men -- you come to mind and stay.

We were able to take in a young mother with six children who were homeless after Dad was imprisoned for failure to pay fines. The family is warm, welcome and safe. Your legacy lives on.

From: Lisa Goding <dana at hemp.net>
Date: August 2, 2010

Dear Robert,

Doug's and my baby turned three months old the other day. She is starting to smile in response to the things that we do. It is so hard and overwhelming and fulfilling all at the same time.

I wish you could have met her. I wish you were here- your friendship meant the world to me. I wonder where you are. I hope we meet again.

love always,


From: Rose Marcotte
Date: January 18, 2010

Just thinking about you tonight.

From: Aimee
Date: November 9, 2009

One day in August I was just thinking of Robert. My oldest daughter was off to Summit Ministries in Colorado Springs early in the morning and I thought: I'll try the internet and see if I can find him. I had really wanted to tell him that I was sorry--for a lot of things. And all I found was this site. Well, it has taken me until now to write.

When Robert and I met our freshman year at CU, he invited me to Bible study with him, and church many times, and to a Navigator's retreat in Colorado Springs. I met his parents, went to his home town church with him. He was one of the truest friends I ever had and truly the kindest and most real.

These are the lyrics to a song that makes me think of Robert, and about the time of my life when I knew him.

All Mighty God
The Great I am
Immovable rock
Omnipotent powerful awesome Lord
Victorious warrior
Commanding King of Kings
Mighty conqueror
And the only time, the only time I ever saw Him run
Was when He ran to me
He took me in His arms, held my head to His chest
Said my sons come home again!
Lifted my face, wiped the tears from my eyes
With forgiveness in His voice, He said, Son, do you know I still love you?
He caught me by surprise
When God ran.

The day I left home I knew Id broken His heart
I wondered then if things could ever be the same.
Then one night, I remembered His love for me.
And down that dusty road ahead I could see..
It was the only time, the only time I ever saw Him run
And then He ran to me, He took me in His arms, held my head to His chest
Said my sons come home again
Lifted my face, wiped the tears from my eyes, with forgiveness in His voice, He said,
Son do you know I still love you?
He caught me by surprise when God ran.
And He brought me to my knees
When God Ran.

From: Mark Pavlica <mpavlica at csu.org>
Date: November 2, 2009

Happy belated birthday, brother. I miss you. Mom and Dad Lunday, I hope you are all doing well.


From: Judi <jljmc at comcast.net>
Date: October 20, 2009

Happy Birthday! Miss you.

From: Katie <ktklinger at comcast.net>
Date: July 6, 2009

What a shock! I was looking for Robert to re-hook up with him. We were in the Future Business Leaders of America in high school. Robert taught me how how to ball-room dance... We traveled together quite a bit, and I thought he was the nicest, most thoughtful man I had ever met. He was always fun-loving, honest and kind. He was never superficial, and always faithful. He loved his God, his family, and his friends. I was sad when he began struggling with his faith. I hope he came to terms with his faith. Robert.. I will miss you!

From: judi <jljmc at comcast.net>
Date: June 26, 2009

Just thinking about you.

From: Cheryl <superstarletmom at yahoo.com>
Date: March 19, 2009

It's almost funny, and yet not really.

I've been going through photographs for my daughter. She's doing this crazy school project, you know, the ones that you work on until after midnight. We were going through a box of my high school memories and a book fell open.......there you were, staring up at me with that silly grin.

I remember taking that picture, you were maybe 13 or 14? Mysterious Lake, the skink, the Beaver Ponds, the rain, melting your boots in the fire and, as always.......the laughter. Thank you for the laughter.

I miss you,


From: Eve <eve at hemp.net>
Date: January 25, 2009

Sweet Robert,
I still think of you, often, and I thank you for all you gave us Hemp activists. Sometimes, I am saddened by the fighting that goes on between us activists on hemp-talk@hemp.net , that you set up for us to communicate on. All of us want the same thing (legalization) but differ in the ways to "get there", and so infighting gets really nasty sometimes. Please help to guide us all to better ways of "agreeing to disagree".
Missing you always,
Love and Peace, brother,
Eve Lentz

From: nora <nora at november.org>
Date: December 31, 2008

Thinking about you more today than usual. Thought I'd stop by and say so.

From: D Fox
Date: November 27, 2008

Although much too late, (I just learned of this tragedy) I send my condolences to Roberts family. Though I haven't seen him since 1986, I remember him fondly. He made being a new kid at school a little easier for a lot of us transplants to Calhan, and made you feel like he cared and his friendship was genuine. He was most likely the best ambassador to Calhan and his christian faith that I have seen. All who knew him have lost a true friend. If anyone is allowed to watch over their friends and family from above, I know Robert is doing so. We never get over the loss of such a loved individual, we only learn to live with the loss and remember the good times. To the Lunday family, Best wishes, you couldn't have given the world a better gift for 34 yrs. Than the gift of Robert. Thanks for sharing him with the rest of us.

From: James Lunday (cousin) <jelunday at yahoo.com>
Date: October 23, 2008

Dear RJ,
Happy Belated Birthday dear cousin. It is still hard that you are not here with us your family and friends. Grandmother Lunday just turned 90 and God is calling her home to be with HIM. I have the photo where all of us are sitting with GM the day after GDL's service. I guess it is your turn to spend time with her. When she gets to Heaven you tell her that we will miss her and we will carry her in our hearts where ever we go in life.

From: bcg
Date: October 22, 2008

Happy Birthday Robert!!! You missed our 40th birthdays you lucky bastard. ;-) i know yours was last year, but mine wasn't.

::sigh::: if i could see you now. if you could see ME now. lol

i could have used your smile today. just thinking of it makes me happy again.

Love you,

From: Susan <smcbride at inwa.net>
Date: October 21, 2007

Missing you on your birthday. . . and every day.

Mom and I were thinking how great it would have been to surprise you on your 40th, like she did on mine. But I guess you will always be 34 (or younger!) in our memories.

Wishing you were here,

Happy Birthday,

From: eve@hemp.net <eve at hemp.net>
Date: September 10, 2007

So many of the things that I do in life, happen because of you. I am still eve@hemp.net. I still get my e-mail from the hemp.net server. My only webpage is the one you put up on the hemp.net webpage under user pages. My first computer was given to me by you. I am only one person, and I know that you did many of these things, and others, for so many people! Your influence will be felt forever!!!
I miss you still,
Love, Eve

From: Rose Marcotte
Date: July 16, 2007

Dearest Robert,

Even now, few days pass when you don't cross my mind. Five years without you - I still laugh and cry. I've held on to some of your ratty t-shirts and boxer shorts, I can't seem to part with them.

Last weekend I went to Heather Lake. Where were you my friend???

Come see me again in my dreams. I miss that. I miss you so much.

All my love, Rose

From: bcg
Date: May 18, 2007

hey rj. miss you still. thinking abouchya. thanks again for everything.

From: Jenn (cousin) <Jennas3 at aol.com>
Date: November 17, 2006

Robert, I came across a picture of you sitting next to Miranda letting her hold your guitar and showing her how to play it when we were at the family reunion in Texas. Wow that was a good time! It made me think of all the fun times we had. The best memory I have with you is when Aunt Barb,my mom and "the girls" went shopping and Aunt Barb had this cool thing called a phone in the car. I got to call you on it. I thought that was the coolest thing ever!! Man that was forever ago!! I still think of you all the time and miss you so very much. All my love, Jenn

From: Lisa Dana G- <dana at hemp.net>
Date: November 12, 2006

I can hardly believe it's been 4 years- I still speak of you, on what seems to be a daily basis. I've moved away and have a new set of friends, but they all "know" you from my conversations of you. They must think I am crazy and just humor me- smile and nod.

I love you, Robert, and will hold you in my heart all the days of my life.

From: jackie <jacks at hemp.net>
Date: October 26, 2006

missing you still. carrying a funny picture of you in pocket these days, from new year's eve at my house the night after your y2k party. remember you organized everybody for some flashing (tops and bottoms all on film!) we went to gasworks for fireworks but the wind was in our direction and we saw the first one, then nothing but smoke. we were all so happy and together. saw franti and spearhead in denver on your birthday. only cried a little. love you.

From: bcg
Date: October 24, 2006

Happy late birthday, Robert. I'm so grateful for my memories of you, the last 3 times we were together were so special, so wonderful. Thank you for everything you are, everything you were.

From: Vivian <vivian at hemp.net>
Date: October 21, 2006

Hapy Birthday Robert. Time has had little impact on how much we miss you, bro.


From: jmc
Date: October 20, 2006

Happy Birthday tomorrow! Wishing you were still in this world! Until we see you again-J.

From: James Lunday (Cousin) <jelunday at yahoo.com>
Date: October 20, 2006

Tomorrow will be your birthday and GML. RJ, we (the whole family) miss you so much but know one day we will see each other again. Time to time I think about you and only wish you were still here, but don't know the WHY'S in life, and we are not to know, only God does and within time it will be answered but we will never know when. I do dream what you are doing in heaven, but that is just the "tip of the ice". Happy Birthday RJ.

From: Justin <jgamache at 9k.net>
Date: September 12, 2006

It has been a long time since I was last here. Funny how you meet people in your life that leave such a mark on you, that even 8 years removed from being around them and 4 years after they pass, you still find yourself speaking of them in great admiration and respect. I still find myself mentioning you in conversation to this day.

Some friends and I were in Maine this weekend camping on the coast, and out on the ocean was this little wooden sailboat. I loved the time I spent in Seattle with you all, and will always remember the people that took me in like family.

Although we were never the closest of friends, nor for a very long time I will always think of the way you lived your life and the manner in which you treated the people around you.

Thanks again Robert.

From: abi <abi at hemp.net>
Date: August 28, 2006

my first post here, unbelievable huh, almost as much as you being gone, even more that we manage to live without you.

i feel you here, those eyes seeing us, me, it all. it's so clear yet confusing and i know your smiling, that i feel.

From: Eve Lentz <eve at hemp.net>
Date: August 2, 2006

I still miss you so much! James Matthiessen passed on, today, and your dear friend, Ben, gave him a memorial site to help all of us, again! I know that you and James were great friends, so please take care of him for us!

From: Chick Copp <asmodeus.amduscias at tesco.net>
Date: June 30, 2006

Cheerio R.J.

I remember what you used to say about the seasons passing by, we'll meet again one day old boy!

Ta ta for now..



From: Nora <nora at november.org>
Date: March 22, 2006

Just thinking about you tonight.

From: Viv <templedragons at yahoo.co.uk>
Date: March 21, 2006

Robert, I see your picture on my desk (your desk, actually) often. It still seems surreal that you left so suddenly. You are missed dearly by us all.


From: mumuan <mumuan at mumu.com>
Date: November 8, 2005

I love this page. It reminds me of great things.

From: bcg
Date: October 27, 2005

happy late birthday robert. i heard Seether and Amy Lee's "Broken" today... it made me think of you. miss you still.

From: bcg
Date: June 10, 2005

Hi Robert,
It's nice to look at your face again. It's so great to see how many lives you've touched and how many people still think of you. I'm still so sorry you left us. I miss you.

From: Jackie <jacks at hemp.net>
Date: June 6, 2005

Hi Robert,
I miss you so much. And still so much to thank you for.

My Dad passed away on May 9. When I first met you my Dad and I had not spoken for several years. As our friendship grew I trusted you with some of the painful memories from my childhood that were part of the reason we weren't speaking. In the summer of 2001 I decided I wanted to repair my relationship with my Dad, and I was ready to do that largely through the patience and time you had dedicated to helping me. We read books about parental relationships and you shared your family. The holidays and birthday visits with the your family are some of my fondest memories of my time with you. Especially the Christmas visit when I was wrapping the gifts in the back of the Subaru as you drove across the bridge.

When I made that first visit to my parents' home, in August 2001, you were a rock for me. I would call you multiple times a day and you would be there, listen, reassure me and help me.

As a result, my father and I forged a new relationship in his remaining years. With his passing I am content to have had only love between us. It is such a comfort. As I mourn my Dad, I find I am mourning you still -- mourning in the sense of feeling my loss but celebrating the lives and relationships with each of you.

I love you Robert.

From: Heather Karulf <hkarulf at gmail.com>
Date: June 4, 2005

I just found out about Robert's death this last week. I knew Robert years ago when I first moved to Seattle with my then boyfriend. In the short time I knew Robert, I was quite impressed by his great intelligence, curiosity and love of life, and kindness and respect for others. Robert is the one who submitted my resume to his company where I landed my first full-time position here in Seattle. Thank you, Robert.

I am deeply saddened by his passing. Life is so unfair at times. The world has lost an incredible human being.

May you rest in peace, Robert.


From: Brian and Hillary
Date: November 15, 2004

Please watch over our family from above! +1 to the crew!!
Peace and blessings to all.

From: james <james at hemp.net>
Date: October 21, 2004

I smoke today for you my friend...you are still in our thoughts...a true friend...rastafari...peace

From: Eve Lentz <eve at hemp.net>
Date: October 21, 2004

Happy Birthday, Robert!

I want to thank you for so many things. Thank you for giving me my first computer! I still use the monitor and keyboard that you used for H.I.P. (Hemp Initiative Projects) of Washington State.

Thanks for giving us all hemp.net, and for giving me my first e-mail account, eve [at] hemp.net. Thanks to giving me the user pages website at hemp.net. Thanks for telling me to get a digital camera, at the Millenium MJ march. I finally got one and I love it! Thanks for all of the work you did on the Hemp Voters guides, all of the Hemp and Medical Marijuana initiatives, I-692 and I-75.

I remember when you and Magic, Ben, Dr. David Edwards, Turmoil, Bob Owen and I went to Yakima as Democratic Caucus members (even though most of us were "Independent") at the Washington State Democratic Convention, to get their support for I-692. We were so happy that they voted "YES" ! They let us set up a table there, and many people signed the initiative petition and gave us their moral support. What a party we had!!

I remember when Allison and I were driving to your house to meet with you and Dr. Rob Killian and his brother Tim, to finish up details of I-692. When we were driving down, we had a car accident, at the Northgate onramp. I was taken to the Hospital on a stretcher. You were so concerned! Allison still suffers from back pain, and I was disabled for quite awhile.

I remember you giving me gas money to drive down for the many I-692 meetings. You were so generous, it makes me smile thinking of how you helped so many people in that way!

I remember parties at your apartment, and then later at your wonderful home! I remember all of the protests, rallies, November Coalition marches, etc. that we went on together.

I remember being on the W.H.E.N. (Washington Hemp Education Network) Board of Directors with you and Magic, Allison, Darrall, Bob Owen and Dr. Dave Edwards. We asked Ralph Seeley to join our Board, but he just wanted to be an honorary member. We also asked Turmoil and Vivian to be on the Board, but we never got the chance to have a meeting with them.

I remember how you helped me to put together the flyer for Hemp Education Day. I brought all of the information to go on the flyer, and you found a way to put it on the computer. You also put it on my hemp.net user page.

I remember all of the times you spoke at many events, and how you looked in my viewfinder when I took pictures of you. I never told you, but I had a crush on you. Not only did I think you were handsome, but you were so intelligent, compassionate, all the things that I looked for. But, I was so much older, and I was afraid it would freak you out if you knew. So, I just had to be content being your friend. So happy to be your friend!

I still have many of your e-mail messages on my computer, 'cause I can't seem to let them go!

I remember the good times we had at the Center for Wooden Boats, and my wonderful sail around the Puget Sound!

I remember your beautiful smile, the way a part of your hair would fall on your forehead, and all of the good deeds you did for others so selflessly.

Thank you for being my friend, and for watching out for all of us! Thanks for being our "Angel"

All my love,

From: jamie <jsheehan at goinet.com>
Date: August 26, 2004

Miss you and missed 04 fest. But thinking of you and still feel blessed!

From: Judi <judimclaughlin2112 at hotmail.com>
Date: August 19, 2004

Getting ready to go to hempfest. Thinking about you. You are missed.

From: Vivian McPeak <vivian at hemp.net>
Date: August 6, 2004

I am sitting at your desk, in my office, looking across at your picture on the wall. I've known so many people who have passed on from this life, but your passing was the most unexpected, and still seems the most senseless. I wish you were here to see I-75 pass, you would have been so proud.

I think about you often, you were actually one of the smartest, coolest, most together people I have ever called a friend. You are so sorely missed, and still an inspiration. And... how strange, that someone else made a submission today as well. Not surpising, as the Universe is alive, and there are no coincidences.

I wish there was spellcheck on this site, he he. I love ya bro, you da man, we da peeple. We are about to throw down a phatty fest for ya, Robert. Fly high, you are free from this crazy world. Hold me a place in the front row, as we are not far behind ya.

Peace and Love.

Date: August 6, 2004


From: bcg
Date: June 10, 2004

Still thinking about you, especially this week. I still miss you.

From: Tinkergirl420 <tinkergirl420 at yahoo.com>
Date: April 21, 2004

I didnt know you personally...But what youve done for "The cause" is amazing. Thank you for spreading knowledge to reduce ignorance. The world is a better place because of you.

From: jamie sheehan <jsheehan at goinet.com>
Date: January 22, 2004

What a wonderful thing, you are still here. Here on the internet. This technology is making you immortal. Thanks. Rock on Robert!

From: john <sly at hemp.net>
Date: November 6, 2003

Robert, in both your life and death, you have taught me to live life and enjoy the opportunities life presents. It seems you had the ability to make life happen, rather than just watch it go by. To take advantage of and enjoy the opportunities life presented was a gift. It was because of you I went to thailand and kind of unexpectedly on to burma (myanmar). From then on I figured we had a have a lifetime of adventures to look forwrd to. Tomorrow Abi and I leave for Colombia, yes another country the US does not recommend travel to, i think it is going to be an adventure indeed. Life has once again presented Abi and I with an opportunity not to be missed, and i know if you were here you would be right there with us, it is an interesting perspective indeed. For all intents and purposes you should be here now, getting ready for our next forray into the unknown... it is intriging to think about how you would have effected the journey, what energy you would have brought, what opportunites may have been presented due to your presence?

These are the questions i often find myself asking since your loss. I am sure i will find myself thinking about you quite often over the next month, and i wish you could be there with us, all we can bring are the lessons learned, It was indeed a gift to have known you in life, you taught so much without even being conscience of it. Well my brother we are off on our adventure into the world.



From: bcg
Date: September 17, 2003

i was in Boulder the other day, and of course i have some memories of "us" there. when i was driving to an appointment, i saw someone driving an old red Scirocco. i burst out with a big smile, immediately thinking of you, of course.

i wanted to stop the driver, and say, "hey! i think that's my friend's old car. do you mind if i see the owner history of this car?" but then i thought they might think i was a crack, and speed off. :)

i remember us going to see a play at the Boulder Dinner Theater in that car. I remember you driving me back home (quite a ways) in that car. You asked me if I would have you back, if we could be together again. I have always ALWAYS regretted my answer. You cried, and I thought we were going to get into an accident.

i didn't see you cry again, in fact, i didn't even SEE you again until 13 years later. after our perfect time together, when you left me on the curb at the airport, we both had tears in our eyes. that was the last time i would ever see you. yet, even through the tears, you had a smile on your face. you enjoyed the time we had together, and though we couldn't be together, you would always cherish that time.

i will too. i will cherish every moment i had with you.

From: Cheryl <cherylchef at comcast.net>
Date: September 8, 2003

One year ago I had the distinct feeling that something monumental would happen in my life on the anniversary of 9/11 2001. Gratefully the events of that horrific day narrowly grazed my family, and left us appreciative of one another as so many other families experienced.

I always knew that a certain newsletter I received would bear the information that the sweetest young man I had ever known had passed. I don't know how I knew. It was as sure as if I had been told. That information was in my mailbox on Sept. 11, 2002. "In memory of Robert John Lunday". I couldn't breathe, I sat in stunned silence, quietly weeping. The same posture I had been in a year ago that day. Again weeping for the loss of someone elses family member.

Robert. How do I begin to explain who he was to me? He was a sweet smile, a funny laugh, a warm hug, and oh so many encouraging words.

We met when we were children. At first it was an "anything you can do I can do better" rivalry. As the years passed by I learned to respect him for the brilliant mind he was. I gave up the rivalry and it turned to absolute admiration. I adored him completely.

Many years have gone by since the Senior Prom that he was so sweet to escort me to. He was the perfect date. Our first date. I will treasure that memory always.

The last time I saw him I was prideful and selfish. I thought that my way of life was the best. I've mellowed over time, I've learned so many lessons about humility. I had a few dreams about him early last May. I thought "I'll just get my daughters through this dance recital and I'll get in touch with him". The dance recital took place the weekend that he died. I never got to tell him that I had loved him so much. It wasn't an "I want to marry you" love. It was a "I respect and admire you more than you will ever know" love.

I heard a song in the grocery store of my little town the other night. The tears began to flow and I couldn't explain them. It wasn't until this evening that again, I couldn't explain a sudden surge of tears, I realized. It was a song that Robert had shared with me shortly before I left for college almost 16 years ago: "Saying goodbye doesn't mean forever. Saying goodbye doesn't mean that we'll never be together again".

"So 'til I see you again on the other side of Heaven, where the sun never sets and the light is His presence. We will dance around the throne because I've finally made it home. I can hardly wait. Until I see you again." Robert my friend. (words in quotes by Lynda Randle)

For those of you who knew Robert later in life, I'm so jealous of the time that you had with him. I've read so many of your posts. His heart never really changed. He remained the sweet, fun loving young man I adored for most of my school years. You were truly blessed. My heart breaks for your loss.

To the Lundays and McBrides: I pray for you often. Warmly remembering the sweet family fellowship shared in your home. Your home was a haven when things in my life were all mixed up. My children now benefit from the many lessons learned about how a family should treat one another. I will be forever grateful. I will take this opportunity to tell you that I still love you all very much.

Cheryl (Lynch)
formerly of Ramah
currently Peculiar :)

From: Anonymous
Date: August 18, 2003

I still miss you, Robert, and think of you often. I love you.

From: James B. Bunker <hwky at yahoo.com>
Date: July 26, 2003

I am sorry that I wasn't able to attend Rob's funeral, but he was a cool guy that I was really proud to know. Robert and my brother were the best of friends for many years and their family was like a second family to me. I remember many times going over to visit. You will never find a more awesome person like Robert Lunday Jr. as well as a great family like the Lundays...I send you guys my love and respect now and forever.

Take care
James B. Bunker

From: Marian
Date: June 10, 2003

I had a very intense dream of you a few days ago, as if you were beside me. So, I thought I'd look at your web site, which I hadn't checked out in a year or so. I was stunned to find out that you had left this earth, my friend. For days I had wondered in almost shock, could this be true. As a therapist in Rehab, I am all too familiar with the fate of a brain aneurysm. I'm sure you are now in a very peaceful place without pain or discomfort.

We had some beautiful, wonderful and intense times together that I will always cherish in my thoughts. Our paths had seperated back in 1998. I moved to Eugene to start a family and somehow never contacted you, but thought about you often. Maybe someday we would meet at a Hempfest or the Oregon Country Fair. Now, I realize this is no longer a reality. But I know we will meet again in another space and time. I will always remember your gentle touch, your smile and our experiences and adventures together. You had a love of the excitement and spontaneity in life, and I thank you for sharing that with me.

As Jerry would sing: Don't cry out loud, don't you cry, dry your eyes on the wind, la da da da. Sleep in the stars.

Goodbye my friend. I Love You.

Date: June 10, 2003




From: Danette Jensen <aprildrive10_6 at yahoo.com>
Date: May 19, 2003

Alot of times after the funeral and after the tears have dried the family is left to cope, and to be with their feelings. I am glad that Robert, who I didn't know, has a great group of friends and family to give each other comfort. Grief takes as long as it needs to. You are never truly fully grieved because after our loved one is gone, there is a loss and the void cannot be filled, only in memories and sharing like this. I pray that all of you who are still in pain, have sadness, will know that God loves you and He is there for you. Just talk to Him. I know that you think of Robert when you are looking up at the sky, when you are sailing across the water. He is always with you. Things will be okay. I promise but it will take time.
In God's Love, to you, Dani
Barb, if you read this, call me.

From: Rev. Katie <katie at hemp.net>
Date: April 20, 2003

Hi Robert!

Happy 4/20! The last time I spent more than a few minutes with you was at the 2002 4/20 benefit show in Fremont. What a great show that was! Not well attended, and sure we lost $, but such an awesome band, wonderful friends, great food, sweet location on the canal and a beautiful night. Vivian honored you with the very first Green Ribbon Award, and that is my favorite part of the Fest documentary, you receiving that so richly deserved award, with your usual humble modesty! We named the Green Ribbon Awards after you, you know. :) Fern told me later about how you were suffering from a migraine that night, [it didn't show, smiley-boy!] and how much you appreciated the meds I gave you, that she spent some real quality time sitting on the canal with you and talking under the beautiful spring sky. I love you and miss you Robert, and I know you will be with us tonight as we gather our tribe in Fremont and celebrate, laugh, cry, hug, smile and dance together!

Aloha, Katie

From: eve <eve at hemp.net>
Date: March 27, 2003


Oh how I miss you!! I'm just so happy that we were so lucky to have you in our lives and grateful that you left such a magnificent legacy! I went to the Center for Wooden Boats for a sail! Thanks for the ride!

Eve (Ah-HEMP)

From: Laura Elia <lauraelia33 at yahoo.com>
Date: March 19, 2003

I just received the news of Robert's passing today. I knew him briefly; but in that time, he made a very big impression with his passion, intelligence, and dedication to the causes he so believed in.

My fondest memory was when we hung out together at the Hemp Education Day in Olympia back in 1997. Robert was busy that day; but he still took the time to treat me with kindness and friendship, acknowledging me as one of the tribe.

I would like to thank Robert for dedicating so much of his energy to the benefit of mankind during his brief tenure in the earth school. Good luck on your new journey, Robert. Check in on us from time to time--your warm fuzzies from heaven feel so darn good!


From: Galen Olson <galengod at yahoo.com>
Date: February 15, 2003

Truly this man was loved by many. I am 35 myself and could not imagine this. Please accept my heartfelt sorrow at the passing of such an enlightened individual and keep his hemp site alive. This is the reason that I know of Robert and this is the reason that I respect his memory. He is one of a few that is truly ahead of his time when others are struggling with mediocrity. We must all learn to free ourselves and our minds. Again, my thanks to him for his efforts and my profound sorrow at his passing.

From: Anonymous
Date: February 8, 2003

Today I was cleaning some shrimp when out of the blue, this thought came to my mind "I wish I could make some ceviche for Robert". Then I realized that would not happen again. Robert I miss you so much. I wish I could just have one of those long and lovely conversations with you. We need you company. You always brought happiness to our place. I love you so much.

From: Yvonne <Adoreno at Aol>
Date: January 29, 2003

On Saturday 1/25/03 I was on the Seattle Center grounds. Between the foutain and the arena, on Memorial Day, was the last time I saw Robert. He was doing what he loved. Holding a sign for I-75, gathering signatures and registering people to vote. A smile as bright as the sun. That day I hugged him long and hard. He is such a wonderful person and I was always happy to see him. I was experiencing some very difficult times. He wished me well and left an open invitation to call as I needed. Always so kind in word and deed.

The center grounds were empty last Saturday, except for my memories of Robert. After he left us, long into the fall, I'm certain I glimpsed him over my shoulder on many many occasions. I was there at Hempfest to witness still air become a strong wind as Viv spoke of our love and respect for Robert. He was definitely present. Truly amazing.

Dearest Robert- We all miss you so much. The inspiratioal way you lived life is something I hold dear. I often think of you as I go forward to acomplish as many goals, dreams and kindnesses as I can. You have set the bar high. You are not gone for you are forever within my heart.

All my love-

From: vivian <viv at inwa.net>
Date: January 3, 2003

I am nowhere close to accepting that you are not here Robert. I miss you, and we have you photo framed and in our living room, and we literally see you everyday. Rest my brother. You are in God's loving hands now, it's our loss not yours.

peace on earth.

From: Anonymous <doug at hemp.net>
Date: December 3, 2002

I remember thanksgivings at your house. We would have great potlucks. Everyone with there own special dish, and oh the deep-fried turkeys. You opened up your home to your friends.

You would show up late in the day. After you enjoyed the holiday with your family, you would come back to enjoy the evening with friends. This was special for all of us, although it was the usual activities; pool, games, music, light and deep conversation, more food, and of course great friends being friends. We all knew what to do and how to make it happen.

These memories mean a lot to me, I will carry them forever.

Thank you Robert

From: Jackie <jacks at hemp.net>
Date: November 11, 2002

Letter written to the Lay Nun of Ko on June 16, 1275

Even though I cannot see you, I am certain that your heart is here. If you find that you miss me, always look at the sun that rises [in the morning] and the moon that rises in the evening. Whatever the time, I will be reflected in the sun and the moon. And in our next life, let us meet in the pure land of Eagle Peak. Nam-myoho-renge-kyo.

From: Katie Morse <katie at hemp.net>
Date: November 7, 2002

Last night I thought of Robert, as I often do, seeing his picture smiling on my wall, and I cried and cried, missing my friend. I kept wondering about where he has gone, asking "Robert, where are you, where are you now?" I reminded myself that he is here in the lives of those people he helped on his way out; the transplant recipients, and I prayed they are all doing well. But I don't know who they are, and I felt selfish having nothing left of Robert but photos and memories I fear are already growing fuzzy over time. Then I passed the old, clunky computer monitor still sitting in my hallway, waiting to be disposed of.

I remembered joining Hempfest as the Volunteer Coordinator in May of 1997. This was when I met Robert, and all the other priceless people in this activist family that I cherish so much. We had 300 volunteers that year, and I was completely computer illiterate. Robert came over to my apartment with a computer he had cobbled together from spare parts and set it up and taught me how to use it and set me up with a free Hemp.net account to database the volunteers and communicate with them.

Seattle Hempfest would be nothing today without Robert's drive to get us all on the internet. He made sure the core group could all communicate online and we have grown now to a volunteer base of 1,200, with over 800 online together. Almost 200,000 people come to our event annually, and many thousands more visit the website he and Ben built for us.

Hempfest is just one of so many projects Robert supported, he helped so many people communicate more effectively, brought so many people together from all over the world through the internet. That useless hunk of plastic and toxic chemicals means so much to me, how can I ever get rid of it?

Last night I felt Robert here in my room with me, and he said; "Hey Katie, take that old junky monitor to RePC so someone else can use it!"

Thanks Robert, you always have such good advice!

I love you and I hope to see you again someday.

Aloha nui loa!

From: Beth <Beth at hemp.net>
Date: October 21, 2002

Happy Birthday! There is not a day that goes by that you're not in my thoughts and I miss you.

From: Mom
Date: October 21, 2002

Dearest Robert,

Today, you would be 35. We have missed you dearly, and you are always in our hearts and minds. Your friends, our friends and family have all been so supportive during this time. I treasure all the cards and letters that we have received with special remembrances of you. I am still trying to respond to many of them, but as can be expected, I’m very overwhelmed. So for those of you checking this web site, please know how grateful I am for your comments, it does wonders. Robert, thank you for some of the best memories we carry. It is bittersweet looking at all the pictures we have; it is the most wonderful thing, seeing your smile in almost, without fail, every single one of them. Did anyone ever catch you off guard in a non-smiling moment? What a happy picture to carry around in my heart. Each day I see the framed picture of you sailing, and know your days were so happy. We love you, and continue to carry you in our hearts, forever. Love, Mom

From: bcg
Date: October 21, 2002

Happy Birthday Robert. I miss you.

From: Debra Wells
Date: September 18, 2002

Mr. Lunday,

Hello, my name is Debra Lunday Wells. Over the past few years, as I have worked on my Lunday family history from time to time, I would search the name "Lunday" in the Internet to see what I could come up with.

One of the first websites I came across was your son's. If I recall correctly, he was advocating the use of hemp for medicinal purposes. I thought perhaps he was suffering from some illness and had taken on the cause himself to legalize hemp.

His website was raw and in-your-face. I was somewhat taken aback by it because I am a middle-aged "church lady" who tries to hold very high standards yet fails in many areas daily. And so I - you may think this is crazy - worried about your son's spiritual wellbeing and I prayed for him. I thought he might not even have a relationship with Jesus Christ and I wanted that for him.

Well, just a few moments ago, I ran across the memorial website for Robert and my heart broke - it broke for you and your wife, your family and friends - and it broke because I misjudged Robert. As you said in your portion of the memorial - he knew Jesus.

I would love to be a life-liver like your son - to take it all in - to love everyone and accept them just as they are. That's what being a Christian is all about - loving God and loving others.

You can be proud of your son. He taught me a lesson today.

Debra Lunday Wells

From: Lisa Dana B- <dana at hemp.net>
Date: September 17, 2002

Yesterday, I visited Robert’s grave. It was Yom Kippur, the Jewish Day of Atonement, of cleansing yourself from past transgressions, and a day to mourn those you have lost who have had great meaning for you. While I am not a very religious person, I felt that it was important for me to observe this day because it has even greater meaning for me than in the past. I knew that I would feel sadness; I was moved beyond explanation.

I guess how I am feeling is that I have been finding it difficult to move on…that I could not move on because somewhere I felt I would be betraying Robert and all that he has brought to my life. I had posted to this site early on, writing that Robert could live on in the world for me in the way that I live my life; however, I somehow have felt paralyzed by fear and sadness, unable to find any meaning to hold on to in this terrible tragedy.

At the synagogue, there were some readings that brought me comfort. I brought them to the cemetery to read to Robert’s spirit, wherever he may be. I hope that these words may bring comfort to others:

“What is love? Love can only be an opening of self, a celebration of life. To love must mean to experience more fully the wonders of life, and so discover through our love, not obligation, but freedom.
Love is not something another can tell us to feel. Yet this is the wonder of love: in opening to it, we find it; in searching for it, we remain searching...
Let these words, then, be a gentle call to our hiding selves, that we may become more available to our world and to each other, that we may be here for Life, that we may be here for Love…
From deep within the home of my soul, now let the healing begin. Heal our bodies, open our hearts, awaken our minds. To choose ways of peace is to cherish Life more than the fears within us that led us into conflict and pain…
Shelter us from all that we fear. Help us see the way even through times of darkness. Guard our coming and our going. Grant us life and peace, now and always….
The Book of Life is once again open. We are called upon to inscribe our destiny…”

As I was leaving the cemetery, I noticed the time was exactly 2:13. This number has been a lucky number for me for the past 15 years, coming up repeatedly in the strangest of places, but always bringing me good fortune. It occurred to me then that I alone am responsible for the way I am living. I have an obligation to transform my sadness into hope- for myself, for Robert, and for all those around me whom I love. Robert would be very disappointed- even pissed- that my sadness around his passing was preventing me from truly living. When was Robert so paralyzed by fear that he did not do the things that brought him joy, even if they were risks? When was it that he was so consumed by sadness that he felt as if he could not go on? While he may at one point felt these feelings, I had never known him like this. He held life in his hand, reveling in it, appreciating it, living each day to the best of his ability. To honor Robert, I also need to live life, to have hope, and to love- if I can’t do this, then I have stopped living too.

Someone just sent me a picture from last summer. It’s of Robert, Doug, Gary and I on Gary’s boat. We are having a grand old time! Robert, I want to thank you for some of the best days of my life. To honor you, I will live life to the best of my ability. While I can’t promise you that I won’t be sad, I know that the greatest tribute to your legacy is to create happiness, to make a difference, to take risks, to live a life filled with love and hope. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for all that you gave to me. I will do my best to keep giving back in your memory.
Love always,
Lisa Dana B-

P.s. Even though I don’t know what I believe, I do know that faith will get me through this and all other painful things. Robert, if I may quote from Psalm 23, The Lord is my Shepard, I shall not want. He maketh me to lie down in green pastures; He leadeth me beside still waters. He restoreth my soul; He guideth me in straight paths for His Name’s sake. Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for Thou art with me; Thy rod and Thy staff, they comfort me. Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies; Thou hast annointed me with oil; my cup runneth over. Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life; and I shall dwell in the house of the Lord forever.

Keep up your good work, Robert. I’ll see you on the other side…

From: Mike Hamrick <mikeh at muppetlabs.com>
Date: September 11, 2002

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I miss you robert.

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I miss you robert.


From: James Paolino <james_paolino at merck.com>
Date: September 3, 2002

I stumbled upon this web site while doing a search on my recently lost friend and brother Brett. I am a long time friend of Brett and Brians and have been spending the last several days with the Kadishes and stories of Robert have come up frequently. I first heard about Robert's passing when I spoke to Brian several months ago. He told me that Robert had been at the wedding and asked me if I had met him. I thought I, had but couldn't be sure. Over the weekend Brian showed me a picture of Robert and Brett together at his wedding, and I did remember speaking to him. We had a short pleasant conversation where we talked about how nice it was that he, and other friends, had been able to make out from Seattle for the wedding. It wasn't an earth shattering conversation just a few words between two people. The feeling I came away with was that he was a pleasant person and that because of his connection to Brian and Hillary that we would no doubt be crossing paths again. I am very sad that will not happen. Brian described him as, "one of the good guys," and the comments I have read on this site echo those feelings. I know that Robert and Brett would have been very happy with the love and friendship that we are all using to support each other, and especially Brian and Hillary.

From: jackie <jacks at hemp.net>
Date: August 29, 2002

Recently I attended the Berkshire Mountain Music Festival in Great Barrington, MA. On 8/10 at 5:00 pm Michael Franti and Spearhead took the stage.

I'd seen them before with Robert, who was a huge fan, and we listened to them regularly at Robert's place, especially during the summer that I lived there when I was "between homes."

Robert was always moved by the group's message and especially Michael Franti's very spiritual presence. Robert was on my mind that day, as every day, but more so due to the date being two months since I last held Robert's hand in the hospital.

When they started to play, and Michael Franti spread his arms and sang, "No matter where you roam, every soul is a poem, written on the back of God's hand" my tears started to flow. I cried through the whole set, mourning Robert and connecting with him as Michael Franti gave words to the feelings I've struggled with these past months. I'd like to suggest that everyone listen to a little Spearhead.

Now I sit here on August 29 and our "family" has suffered another loss. How could it be that we've lost another shining star, Brett Kadish? How will we survive? When I think about these two people, and as I look at a picture of the two of them on the dance floor at Bri & Hill's wedding, I can't help but note some of their similarities.

Love of Life, a self-confidence that allows them to be so accessible to other people - whether the first or hundredth time they met someone, a silliness and adventurous nature. Passion for happiness, pure and simple, and appreciation of life in it's simplest and most complex forms.

From a letter a received from Brett in May after a get-together in NYC in April...
"& so it goes & as it grows we are wishing the you of the yeeezz so please realize this that your great & the vibe of the clans must continue thru us! ... So will sing & so well sung & when it's all done I bet thru the vanquished pain we'll remember the fun our friend"

And I know our clan will continue to live and love and suffer and comfort. And I love you all -- all of our clan and Robert and Brett for their great contributions to all our lives.


From: Wendy <wendy at hemp.net>
Date: August 28, 2002

I feel so lucky. I am blessed for certain. That's how i feel each time I think of Robert. It feels a bit tragic that I was blind to that realization while Robert was here with us. I have a memory that stands out in my mind. A conversation we had. It was Hill & Bri's wedding reception. The whole lot of us Seattle folks had travelled cross-country to honor Bri & Hill on their wedding day. I remember being so happy to be there with my 'family' rejoicing and celebrating. I had seen Robert earlier that week, going for walks and being silly. The night of the reception I haphazardly threw out the words to Robert, 'I love you!' I remember later on that night him approaching me and looking very earnest. 'I had no idea, Wendy', he said. I was confused. What did I say? OF COURSE I love Robert! He's a good person. Giving, helpful, intelligent, accepting, decent, reasonable, playful, adventurous, enduring, loving, interested, active, powerful, meek, wise, silly....so many things to so many people. Doesn't he know that? He's made a lasting impression on many people. I plan to be inspired by Robert. That gives me comfort.

I wanted to thank everyone for sharing on this memorial website. Hell, thanks to Hempnet for providing the memorial website. There you go again, Robert! Making things good and efficient and accessible to us.

Thanks, Robert.

I love you, Robert.


From: john <sly at hemp.net>
Date: August 26, 2002

Robert you will never be forgotten, and always be missed. Robert was at our house the day he died. It has been a while, but I feel it is necessary to tell this story, I know many have not heard it. It was a beautiful day here in seattle, really the first day of sunny, warm summer like weather we had in Seattle. It was kind of like the day began with a surreal greatness. No one really had any plans, it was just a leisurely Sunday. The flowers in the backyard were in full bloom, and the smell of lilac filled the air. A few friends were going to stop by for some brunch, bagels, turkey, cheese, all the fixens, some tasty coffee. As the day progressed, friends started coming by, a bit later Robert called, heard the news of food and coffee, of course he came right over. By 1 or 2 o'clock eight or nine friends were over, it was truly awesome, everyone was lounging around, reading, sunbathing, playing hackysac. Robert relaxed in the skychair he had given abi two years before for helping run the hemp.net booth at hempfest. He was on the phone for like two hours with a very close friend who had just recently relocated to NY, Robert was making his summer plans! I think when the conversation began he was planning on spending like 2 weeks on the east coast, and by the time he got off the phone the vacation had already been extended to over a month (I cant remember exactly). He was toatally stoked. As the day progressed we continued to enjoy as many know we do. It is difficult to explain but everyone was so happy, having a great time and completely content, we even were thinking of going to a park or something but, by complete consensus everyone was so happy doing what we were doing that no one wanted to go anywhere (this does not happen often, option anxiety is usually quite prevalent).

After making the decision to just relax, some were playing dominoes, others just chatted and enjoyed. Robert complained of a bit of a headache so we got him some advil, told him to get out of the sun and relax. After about a half an hour or so his headache had subsided and he felt quite a bit better. So of course he had to get in the game of dominoes, which he played with an ice pack on his head. We still have the score card. It seems Robert lost his first game, and even came in last place. The second game he played he was down -- the leader had 80 points and he had only thirty -- and was in last place. Five rounds later he came back to win the game with 100 pts.

By then everyone was getting hungry so we started thinking about a BBQ, but we did not get too far. Roberts headache came back with a vengance, kind of like he was sitting there and all of a sudden had sharp pains in the base of his head. He said it was like a migraine headache. So he laid down for a while and relaxed, but the headache did not subside. This marked the turning point of the day that started out so wonderful. Robert began to vomit. We all assumed he had a bad migraine, we tried to get him to lie down in a dark room, but he could not stop vomiting. About fifteen minutes later we were going to take him to the hospital. At this point everyone was concerned about him, but still figured it was just a really bad migraine headache, and really did not think it would kill him. Not long after that Robert said he wanted an ambulance. Of course I told him look we will just get you to the car and drive you to the hospital, it will be faster, not 30 seconds after I said that Robert collapsed on the floor, we called 911 and stayed with robert till they arrived.

During that time it is difficult to say exactly what was happening. First Abi was on the phone w/ 911, then the phone was passed to me, we were trying to check vital signs, while we tried to comfort him, and let him know we were there for him, and that he should fight, and that eveything would be ok. I think the moment of death was nearly instantaneous. I was holding Robert's hand when took his last breath, kind of like a sigh, and went completely limp. Our dear friend Robert was no longer there.

Once the paramedics arrived I walked outside in a state of shock and disbelief, I knew Robert was gone, I just felt it. After a few moments I walked back inside, the paramedics had him hooked up to their monitors and so forth, but as I walked through the front door a strange feeling of serenity came over me. It was very strange, unlike any feeling I've had before as I looked at Robert I suddenly felt his presence and it was like I was looking through his eyes down at the scene below (very strange). But what I felt from Robert was not fear, pain, or sorrow, but total excitement. Kind of like he felt bad leaving his life behind, family, friends, his goals not yet accomplished ect. We all know Robert was up for adventure and travel, it was like there was something he was looking over his shoulder at that he just had to go check out, and that seemed more inviting than the scene he was looking down upon. I don't know what it was but it really got Robert's attention! I think that is where Robert headed off to, and I think he was really excited to see exactly what it was or is.

I am sure I left out a few details of the day, but the most important thing is that those kind of beautiful days do not happen very often, where for whatever reason everyone was so happy and content, the weather was awesome, flowers were blooming, everyone there was having fun and enjoying each others company so completely. In many ways it was both the best and worst day of my life. So strange how life works.

Robert, as long as I live I will never forget the days I spent with you, whether it be snowboarding, diving, our times in Patong, and Phi,Phi. Or in Burma, when the sails were torn, the wind was howling and the motor was broken, the zodiac was punctured, and you were on the fordeck singing camp songs in your wetsuit. Nor will forget the simple times either, the bbq's , bass fishing in your basement, just hangin out bullshiting, everything! Life will never be the same, in many ways you taught me how to live life, which I will with your spirit at my side.

Cheers to you Robert wherever you are


P.S. One thing I forgot to mention, I am not sure exactly what time Robert passed, but it was very close to 4:20, it was definitely between 4:15 and 4:30, how ironic.

From: bcg
Date: August 23, 2002

I so wish I could have been at your side when you passed, Robert. I'm so glad the last two times I saw you were such amazing times with you. I'm so glad that people you loved and who loved you were with you.

The weekend trip to Doe Bay in the "cabin"... (I still laugh at that, and I loved that it was such a great joke.) That was one AMAZING weekend that changed my life. I think about it often. I think about you often. "Alle Teethes!"

Then, when you flew out here for a quick layover last year and ended up missing your flight that evening because of me... oops. I felt so bad. But you took it in stride, resolved the situation, and made the most out of it.

I had so much fun with you. Your smile and your touches will be with me always. I will remember our long phone conversations that went on for about 2 years. Those were so amazing. I learned so much from you. I am still learning from you.

I can't say how much I miss you. It is unfathomable to me. I wondered why I hadn't heard from you in a while. It's something I never thought would happen.

I can't bring myself to take you out of my address book, email or snail... I looked at my calendar for October, and I saw "Robert's Birthday." It made me so sad. I will miss you forever, I will think of you always, I hope to see you again, and I hope to visit you some day at your final resting place on this earth.

I flew through Seattle a week ago. I wanted to stop by and see you, but you weren't here.

I'm so glad you have made such a difference in this world. Something we can all strive to do. Be like Robert. Thank you for your life, your love, your smile. I love you.

From: Matthijs T. Huijgen <Matthew at HempWorld.com>
Date: August 22, 2002

Dear Robert,

I actually just reviewed the footage of Allen St. Pierre on Pot-TV and he mentioned that you passed on. I was shocked and tried to find more about this on the web, it wasn't hard to find you thank God!

I clearly remember meeting you in 1995 at the C cup in Amsterdam. We sat next to each other listening to Mathias Brockers from HanfHaus and Richard Cowen then NORML Nat'l director. Well, in short I can say that meeting you and our talks were probably another motivating factor for me to lend my energy to the hemp and cannabis industries. So, there, your energy has in part brought me to where I am today. I remember you as a sincere and timid person and I am so sorry to hear that you are already out of this life!

Well don't worry Robert you live on through me and your great many other friends that I see you have. Together we will make it hempen!

It was great to meet you!

Matthew Pres./CEO HempWorld, Inc.

From: Viv <viv at hemp.net>
Date: August 9, 2002

Gosh, it's so real now that you are gone, Robert. I know you are here with us in Spirit, and your actions still ripple through your family and friends and the impact you had on our world. But now that that vacant numbness has worn off you are so missed. It's so surreal not to be able to just call you up on the phone, to hear your voice and laugh.

You rest in Peace, and know we love you. Thanks again bro. You da man.

From: Jamie Blecha <Blechavich at aol.com>
Date: August 5, 2002

I learned of Roberts passing this last weekend. I moved from Seattle in '96. It seems like a life time ago since I used to hang with him, but a flood of memories came back.
He was involved in this thing called the "Internet" and gave me my first tour. I have fond memories going sailing with him, drinking a beer and playing pool.

From reading the notes on the web page, I know he was loved. I wish his friends and family well.

Jamie Blecha

From: Aaron Palmer <aaronpdude at yahoo.com>
Date: August 1, 2002

This is just a huge loss to all of us. Robert was my friend, while I knew him on a professional basis and then became friends. Robert was a smart and thoughtful person while treating everyone with great respect. I know when I needed help Robert was right there to jump in and give me what he could to help me out.

Robert my friend I will miss you but like you know we will keep up the fight for you man!!!!


From: Randy Chase <randy.chase at mailcity.com>
Date: July 31, 2002


I feel a great sense of loss at your passing. You were a great help to me when I had a dream of new marijuana laws in Washington State.

You believed my dreams and jumped on board for a ride that took us from a couple of hackers at the DPF confrence to a late night tour of the Whitehouse. I only regret that the wind was blowing too hard to get the joint lit in the rose garden.

Prior to that stunt I had a vision of Role/Hemp signs at a Jack Kemp ralley. You were there to help make that mission happen.

I don't know if the time we spent together touched you as much as me, but brother I Love You and hope you are in better space.

Love & Light,

Randy Chase

From: Betty Zajic <Ebbetspass at aol>
Date: July 10, 2002

One of my earliest and cherished memories of Robert Jon goes back to the summer of 1967 while spending a weekend with Bob and Barb; Robert was about 10 months old. Uncle Dwayne and I awoke early to the shrieks of delight from baby Robert who was happily munching Cherrios that big sister, Susan (who watched over her baby brother from the beginning), was dumping on the floor. His ability to be appreciative of the small things of life, "Cherrios that fell at his feet," was one of Robert's many endearing qualities. Robert came into the world with spirited enthusiasm and a contagious smile that lit up the room. As a toddler and pre-schooler, he marched to his own drummer; full of adventure, a real challenge to his adoring parents.

When the Lunday family moved to Colorado, our family get togethers were only about once a year, but Robert would greet us enthusiastically with hugs and kisses as though time hadn't moved. We watched him grow from an energetic little boy into an intelligent and lively teen with so many interests and dreams; into a man who was going to make a difference in the world. Robert's sense of fun, adventure and curiosity of life did not diminish as he grew to manhood. He practiced what he preached and steadily worked to make his dreams come true. He loved and cared deeply about people and the environment. He had integrity, sincerity and the ability to see the good in people and to love those close to him unconditionally. He left his mark and is an inspiration to all of us to set goals, to make each moment count by working to make those dreams come true. He was a Prince of a Man!

Robert Jon you will be forever young and full of vitality; you will live in our hearts, never forgotten and always loved. I love you and will miss you so very much. Happy Sailing! Aunt Betty

From: Alex Speyer <ssalejandra at msn.com>
Date: July 10, 2002

This is the text Robert wrote to us in a postcard from his adventures in Thailand. I felt that I needed to share this with all of you.

"Dear Scott & Alex,
Well, I don't know if you'll find it hard to believe or not (I do!). But I'm in Thailand right now, on a boat returning from the Phi-Phi Islands (where they filmed "The Beach") and where I spent 3 days swimming, snorkeling, and chillin' on the beach. I've already spent 1 week on Phaket-Thailand's largest Island where we celebrated Songkran the Thai new year which is one giant water fight. I'm here with 3 other friends, one who speaks fluent Thai and has shown us around, I also got scuba certified and in two days we jump on a sailing/diving charter off the southern coast of Burma/Hyanmar for 10 days.

Life is good. In fact, I think maybe the plane crashed on the way over and I'm in heaven. See you again some day my friends.

Love, Robert"

Robert you are in heaven now and we have nothing but to hope that we will see you again some day. I love you so much.

I feel fortunate that we got to see you in memorial day (may 27), we did a quick catch up with our lives, you told us your stories, made some dinner plans and I got to give you four big hugs and kisses. As I was saying good bye I remember thinking I wanted to be with you so much longer. You were on a mission that I hope one day will come reality (I am sure it will). You were looking so adorable that a tourist walking by took a picture of you posing with a huge smile on your face and of course holding your initiative sign. I wish I could get a hold of that picture.

On 4th of July, we went to the wooden boat festival, as we had plans on meeting you there. It was so hard to realize that you were just not going to come. The whole time I kept thinking of seeing you. We had so many plans with you, we had the most interesting conversations with you than with no one else we have ever had. I have to thank you for had shown Scott the love for sailing and living the simplest possible, we may have never hooked up together otherwise. You showed him the pleasure of living and enjoying. Hope one day we take that trip to the South Pacific Islands we were dreaming together last time you came over for dinner.

I always had the same philosophy you had about living, so I will strive for continuing that way, no matter where I work, I promise :-). Now with your energy dissipated in the universe I feel that I want to be there with you, but since I am still here on earth I will at least make it worth living :-)

From one of my last emails to you and a group of friends:
> That is all for all, keep enjoying life because it is too short, you
> could turn around for a second and it can be completely gone. Good
> luck !!
> Alex

Robert, you were our best friend, I will always have you in my memories and I will always question myself about what you will think or will do. I wish you could come and talk to me. I know that where ever you are you are already enjoying, experimenting and trying everything out, living at your best. I feel really sorry that you are not physically with us anymore, but I feel really happy to know that you lived your life at your best and you gave all of you to your friends and loved ones.

I feel so proud to know that I was loved by you, I am sending you all my love, hugs and kisses.

From: Barb Lunday <Blunday at aol.com>
Date: July 6, 2002

Dearest Son,
A parents worst nightmare. It’s hard to believe you are gone. It was so sudden. We all had plans of our time with you. How I will miss my “Robert-fixes”, when I’d call you up; and you’d come and we walked and talked as we circled the airport. I’m forever grateful for those special times.

I try to focus on other things I’m grateful for. I’m grateful that when you suffered your brain AV Malformation, that you were with friends that loved you, you weren’t alone. That you were doing something you loved, being with friends, playing games and having a barbecue. I’m grateful that they called 911 and the medics resuscitated you. Because of this very act, your organs were spared and now live on in 4 others. It was your wish and I’m grateful that there was that choice. (we have received the medical report days ago, and all recipients are doing well).

You’d just re-newed your pilot’s license and I realized you could just as easily have been flying with friends when the unexpected happened. I find comfort that no one else was hurt physically in your passing. I now know that there was no way you could have been saved, bar a miracle. I’ve since learned about AV Malformation, unlike an aneurysm, this was a weakness of connections of arteries and veins in location of your brain that no operation could have been preformed to have made a difference.

I’m grateful that the day after you passed on, dad and I just had to watch a video of your graduation speech. We just wanted to hear and see you again. As soon as I heard your message, I knew it had to be a part of your service. You were saying and encouraging everyone today, as you did 16 years ago. No excuses.
(Some have asked for a copy of this video, if you contact us, we can get one to you.)

I’m grateful that at 34 you had lived so fully, most of us could see you had accomplished more than most elderly. You traveled this past year to Thailand, Japan, Panama, learned scuba diving, re-newed your pilots license and preparing to join us on a 60 member family reunion. You were fully engaged in living. I’m grateful for the time you and dad shared talking “airplanes” as you re-newed your love of flying.

I’m grateful that just days before, we celebrated Emily’s 7th Birthday, and once again I watched you be that incredible Uncle that you were, and how you loved to be with the kids. Always willing to play their “duck duck Goose” game, or whatever was in their life at the time.

I’m so grateful for all of your friends we’ve heard from as to how you have touched so many lives. Some of the stories I’ve heard, I was totally surprised at some level, but find so characteristic of the son I loved so deeply. To see how others loved you so deeply, we will all experience such a great loss because of the deep love you showed us all. You were not afraid to show affection, how we will miss that. I’m grateful for so many good memories and the tons of pictures that have been taken. Your smile will always be with us. I’m grateful that I will see you again, but I miss your days with us.

I’m so grateful a web site was put up so we could all share our special stories of how you touched individuals. Without this Web Site I know I wouldn’t have heard some of these incredible stories. We live in a time when writing letters are less common, and e-mails allow us to keep in touch instantly. That is a huge blessing. We need each other and with this web site more than just a few hear how you live on in others. How much I would have missed without these stories. And how I’ll treasure those acts of kindness you did out of your good heart to others. You embraced everyone.

I’m reminded of this verse: 1 Phil 4:8 “Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable--if anything is excellent or praiseworthy--think about such things.”

So that’s what I will do.
My precious son, oh how we loved you and miss you. That will never end.

From: David Friedman <driz at hemp.net>
Date: July 6, 2002

I am completely in shock to hear of Robert's passing. He was so laid back and easy to talk to. I'm so thankful to have met him. Even if it was just over the internet, he definitely had an impact on me. Robert helped me setup my first Linux server over the telephone. God bless him for putting up with me. What a patient guy.

To all of Robert's friends, family, and co-workers, I'm here for you to help in any way that I can. Don't hesitate to drop me a line if you need anything at all.

I'll miss you, Robert.

From: greggieboy carroll <greggieboy at hemp.net>
Date: July 3, 2002

Robert was a good friend and I will miss him tremendously. I first met Robert on the 4th of July back in 1996. He had a great pad overlooking Elliott Bay and we have been friends ever since. Robert was the catalyst and had a motor that never turned off. There were times when it seemed like he could will anything to happen at any given moment. His ideas soon became reality and soon after became a wonderful reference point for the rest of us.

I was fortunate enough to have traveled with Robert this past year to Japan and Robert was the ideal travel companion. My procrastination took a back seat to Robert's thirst for knowledge, so we were able to cover a lot of ground. My spirit sailed as we walked through ancient temples and I felt lifted. Those moments will be with me forever and Robert was right there with me. I will never forget to dream. I will root for the little guy. I will fight decadence, armed with sense and liberty, with heart and mind united. Thanks Robert.

From: Jamie <casello at pacbell.net>
Date: July 2, 2002

I feel lucky to have met Robert this past year. He was always generous and extremely kind. I know he will be deeply missed by friends and family. Peace be with you.

Love, Jamie

From: Dwayne Zajic <Ebbetspass at aol>
Date: June 28, 2002

Robert Jon was someone who would look around the room for the wall flower and dance with them. He looked for the best in everyone and found it. Robert always made people that met him, friends and family, feel like they were important. Robert is like Will Rogers, he never met someone he didn't like or someone that didn't like him. Robert was full of life, lived life and expressed life. Robert Jon taught Uncle Dwayne how to hug and I'm doing "the Robert" by getting off my butt and living life.

Thanks Robert, Love till later, Uncle Dwayne

Date: June 28, 2002


From: Darren <loxnkali at hotmail.com>
Date: June 27, 2002

how someone with such a delicate sensitivity and heartfelt empathy toward his fellow humans could still manage to take to life with such enthusiasm and unabashed energy provides insight into how we all should aspire to spend our time. he could and did throw the full force of his personality behind any project without fear of offense because his intelligent compassion for and understanding of others guided him away from any negative outcome. it was my pleasure to have met him in my time. i take away lessons and leave blessings. safe journey.

From: Tim Crowley <turmoil at hemp.net>
Date: June 27, 2002

I miss you so much brother. You were always and forever a good friend, a strong ally, and a trusted business associate. It may seem strange that I should mention business associate, but the way that you did business said so much about your life. I was your client for the last 5 years, yet never felt like a client. I was looking through some old email when you first helped me move Seattle Music Web over to your servers. You were always willing to help, and always willing to listen. I can't think of any company I have ever done business with that did such a good job of taking care of customers.

Back in 1997 I had really never done any "real" political activism. I recall when I first considered going to a caucus. I was afraid I would hate it. I didn't know how to dress or how to act. You assured me and advised me. Not more than a year later we were both delegates at to the WA State Democrat Convention. We were making serious change and learning. A few years later I was on the Platform Committee hammering strong planks that made a differnce.

I was going through old email this week. I still have the email when we first negotiated moving my domain to hemp.net. I don't think I'll ever be able to delete it.

Thanks Robert. I love you. I miss you.

From: Bill Schmeister <bschmeister at n2bb.com>
Date: June 26, 2002

Where to start (as others have already mentioned)...
They say that the best form of flattery is imitation. There were many things within me that had not yet surfaced and may never have without knowing Robert.

Sometime back in the early 80's Bob took Robert and I to our first "Software Competition". Needless to say, since Robert and I were one of the youngest (and smallest) groups, we were not able to solve any of the questions. Years later, Robert introduced me to Linux and I have been a staunch Linux advocate ever since. I have since become a professional software engineer.
The first time I ever remember flying in a General Aviation aircraft was when Bob was flying Robert back to school in Boulder and they invited me for the ride. Shortly after that, Robert took me flying and we went to Albuquerque. Weeks after that trip I started working on my Pilots License. There were the times we had formation flight from Meadlake to Boulder airports. I have since become quite an accomplished pilot.

I cannot finish without telling the story of when Robert and I got arrested one Halloween eve for attempting to turn on a fire hydrant in the parking lot of Williams Village (Campus dorms at CU). We had just left one of Roberts friends apartment, it was around 11pm and it seemed to be an exceptionally warm Fall. Some how the topic of seeing fire hydrants turned on in inner cities became important. I mentioned that I had tools in the back of my car. Then we found a "secluded" fire hydrant and that was the end of it. Of course it was not secluded, it had a few trees surrounding it, but it was completely visible from Hwy 36 and from the dorms. We proceeded to take of the covers and turn on the water when Robert startled at something and got my attention. We were completely surrounded by the Police. We were handcuffed, placed under arrest and taken to the Police station. Then they booked and interrogated us seperately. They finally released us "on our own recognisance" many hours later (3 to 4 am) and we had to walk many miles across campus to the same dorm we Weeks later, we had to appear in court, pay a fine and wait for the incident to be stricken from our records. The rest of the morning we were terrified what our parents were going to do to us once they found out. After that I always felt that Robert and I had a special bond. And no, I have not been arrested since.

Robert: I will never forget you and the impact that you had on my life. I hope to run into you again and re-kindle the friendship that we had.

Bob, Barb and Susan: Thank you for all of the generosity that you have shown and provided over the years. Now in your time of need I am here for you and you are in my thoughts.


From: Bob Lunday <lundaybob at aol.com>
Date: June 25, 2002

I am overwhelmed with the loss of my son. I love him so very much. The love and support of friends and family has overwhelmed me. I was especially blessed when I stepped off the elevator at Harbor View Hospital Monday morning. There was a group of at least 30 of Robert's local friends there who had sat up all night taking turns setting with Robert when we could not get a plane back until the next morning. I was touched by friends getting on the first airplanes out of New York and Denver to come by Robert's side. Others that drove great distances. As I told some, Robert talked about his friends often and we knew many of them but I had no idea of the quantity and quality.

It has given me comfort over the past two weeks with people sharing their love for Robert and his love and acts of kindness to others. The sharing of the fun times, hard times and how he influenced their lives. I was also moved by the many stories of his generosity. Many times when people were sharing about Robert I thought about the passage that describes love. "Love is patient, love is kind, and is not jealous; love does not brag and is not arrogant, does not act unbecomingly; it does not seek its own, is not provoked, does not take account a wrong suffered, does not rejoice in unrighteousness, but rejoices with the truth; bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. Love never fails;"

I know that Robert struggled with his Christian faith in his later years, but I believe that he still demonstrated many of the character qualities he developed as he grew up and accepted his faith. My greatest comfort comes from knowing that Robert accepted Christ as his Savior when he was a young man. I believe that Jesus' sacrifice is more than adequate to cover all of our shortcomings and once we are His, there is no power that can separate us from His love. Therefore I know that Robert is with the One who loves him more than I do. Even though I am sad and will miss him very much, I could not ask for anymore. I will rejoice when I see him again someday.

Thanks so much for everyone's caring, sharing, comforting and loving,

Bob Lunday
Honored to be Robert's father.

From: Jim Daniels <jdaniels at flatironsolu.com>
Date: June 23, 2002

I spent a lot of time hanging out with Robert at CU: working through the nights on class projects, partying through the nights enjoying what Boulder had to offer; burning hour after hour talking about some issue that neither of us necessary cared that much about, but both of us enjoyed disscussing with each other. No matter how well you knew a given subject, or how firmly entrenched you were in your opion on something, Robert could always find an angle that would cause you to step back and think about it. I got so luck to hook up with Robert on a chance mtg a couple years ago, because it gave me one more of those nights talking to him, one more oppertunity to get a fresh perspective on something courtesy of Robert Lunday.

From: shelley <shelley.johnson at educate.com>
Date: June 22, 2002

It seems almost insincere to be affected so strongly by the loss of someone you barely knew. But people that I love loved Robert, and the tales of his spirit, his generosity and kindness are legendary, so I'm afraid it's impossible for me not to feel this loss, and that this life is not nearly the life it could have been had you been in it for a little bit longer.

Peace to all - Farewell brother...

From: Tim Barkley <tbarkley at ctc.edu>
Date: June 21, 2002


The day that we went sailing on my birthday, I will never forget that day. We came back from Bainbridge Island, and we had enough wind to put the sails up. The sun was setting along the crisp Olympic Mountains, and with all the brilliant red hues making the mountains glow. Robert, what a great evening to go sailing. I will always remember all the good times we had. I know somewhere out there you are drinking your stiff drinks and sailing. You will be missed, and I wish you the best where ever you are.


From: Stephanie
Date: June 21, 2002

Red Scirocco. Boulder Dinner Theater, "I do, I do". Senior Prom date. Trips back and forth from Elizabeth to Calhan. Double dating with Mark and Debbie. So many great moments in FBLA, too many to name. SSIA. Robert is the first man I ever loved and admired. And I know I really never stopped loving him. I thought of him often, and with happiness and gratitude that I had the privilege of knowing such an amazing specimen of humanity. I have no bad memories of Robert. That amazing smile. So real, so engaging. It just took over his whole face. His tactileness. He is absolutely the only person I have ever known in my life who lived life as well as he could have. He loved everyone. Helped everyone. Gave to whoever he could. Robert influenced my life, and so many others' lives in ways he will never know. I hope to see you again, Robert. The world is so much a better place because you were in it. I sure wish you could have been here longer. I am so proud of how you lived your life, and how many people you touched. I have missed you, and will miss you even more now. I have so many great memories of you. I will never forget you.

From: Clint Rasic <clint at rasic.name>
Date: June 20, 2002

I haven't seen you or spoken to you in over 17 years, but I'll miss you. You were truely a good person: honest, fun to be around, straightforward. You were transparent...no hidden agenda, nothing to hide. I hope to be more like you Robert...the world would be a better place if we all were.


From: Peggy (Kucerik) Hampton
Date: June 20, 2002

I was a year behind Robert in school. The thing I remember the most is everytime a new student came to school he was the first one to go up and say hi! Robert was always everyone's friend. I have looked through the pictures on the website and Robert is just how I remember..giving that hug with a big smile. I was so lucky to have been given the chance to know Robert.

Bob, Barb, and Susan, I am so sorry for your loss. My thoughts and prayers are with you and all of your family. Treasure the memories as Robert was truly a special person.

From: Eric Angle (Cousin) <Jacobp220 at aol.com>
Date: June 20, 2002

"Sacrifice to the day the hours and days bitter demands asked of you, but always remember that one of lifes true times of ennoblement is when a loving friend bids you a joyous welcome"

I will miss the fun times I had with Robert. I feel very fortunate to be able to have known a person with such a love for life, friends, and family. I remember talking to Robert in March, and we were both excited about visiting each other in August of this year. We planned to catch a few ball games at Safeco, check out the Hemp Festival, and go for a sail on his boat.

Just to let you know RJ, I'm still coming to Washington in August, but will always be in my thoughts and heart. I will miss you very much.


From: Kristine Angle-Zajic (Cousin) <Ellajne at aol.com>
Date: June 20, 2002

Robert, I am so thankful that I saw you in March. Our family had such a wonderful time with you when you came for Laura's wedding. I remember you dancing like the funky chicken out on the dance floor... your arms and legs were flying so high that I nearly got knocked over by you. We all had to clear a big space for you and your crazy dancing. I laughed so hard that night. It was quite a sight to see a man so full of life, youth, and energy enjoy himself on the dance floor.

As I think back on all my memories of you they were all full of those special moments. I will cherish and keep them forever. I will miss you with all my heart.

Love always,

From: JoAnna McKee <greencross at hemp.net>
Date: June 20, 2002

I'm absolutely blown away....Robert got a "graduation" pass early. Someone as special and loving and smart as him is scarce in this troubled world and he was needed elsewhere. Anyway, I know he had so many Kudos on the books he deserved a break. But ooohhh the loss to us still here. But then with what he taught us, and the light he showed us, it is easier for us now. We will all miss him so!!!!!

From: Michele Hanson (Wildeman)
Date: June 20, 2002

It is evident to me that your beautiful smile has never faltered! I will remember you always, for that great smile that would light up a room.

Bob, Barb, Susan, and all who have been blessed enough to know this wonderful person, my thoughts and prayers are with you at this time. I will never forget!
Michele Hanson

From: Eric Tuten <Eric.Tuten at wcom.com>
Date: June 20, 2002

"To laugh often and much; to win the respect of intelligent people and the affection of children...to leave the world a better place...to know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived. This is to have succeeded."

- Ralph Waldo Emerson

From: Doran Gotschall <gotsch5 at msn.com>
Date: June 19, 2002

I grew up with Robert from about the age of four through graduating High School. Robert and I walked home together everyday from Kindergarten as we both lived at the same end of town. We always walked the same way, even though there was a mean dog and an even meaner old lady at one particular house. She yelled at us every day, but we were determined not to change our route because it was the shortest. Robert's house was before mine, so we often stopped there to play after school. He loved the Dallas Cowboys, and I the Broncos. (He always pretended that he was Tony Dorsett) We had full pads and uniforms of each...I will never forget the many one-on-one football games we played in my backyard. As we got older, Robert thought we should do an air-guitar skit in the talent show, we were quite the group with Dale, Mark, Kenny and some others. Robert's mom, Barb, always had the "coolest" parties for birthdays and Halloween. Last week, I was just thinking back over all the good memories. We did not hang out as much in High School, mainly because Robert was so serious about school and grades and I was only there to go to class so I could play sports.... Robert was a good athlete but grades always came first. We did get to catch up our senior year as we were in jazz band together...we had what we thought were some "serious JAM sessions".

I enjoyed reading the comments from some his "new" friends and was glad to hear that he was still influencing people's lives.

Bob, Barb and Susan sorry to hear of the loss of your son and brother so suddenly. I know that this is a difficult time for you. However, we should celebrate his life and all that he accomplished in his short stay here on Earth. He was truly a good-hearted person and a true friend to many people. He will be missed greatly.

True Friends

There are many people
that we meet in our lives
but only a very few
will make a lasting impression
on our minds and hearts
It is these people that we will
think of often
and who will always remain
important to us
as true friends

You are in my thoughts and prayers.


From: Ron
Date: June 19, 2002

I don't know you Robert, but I've seen your picture in the newspaper and read your website. You are truly indeed a generous person who touched so many people in your short time here. You and I are the same age.

From: Jamie Sheehan <jsheehan at goinet.com>
Date: June 19, 2002

Thanks for everything you did and the memories you left us all with which will long live on past your glorious 34 years on earth. You did so much to help so many. The world needs more Robert's and I hope your inspiration helps others to achieve the same personal goals and morals with which you lead your own life.

Peace be with you and your family.

From: Mark (Pav) Pavlica <mpavlica at csu.org>
Date: June 19, 2002

Gosh, where to start.

Robert and I grew up together, went to kindergarten together, graduated HS together, were college roommates at CU. We practically grew up in each other’s house, rode motorcycles together, played basketball together with his dad, swam in his family’s pool, participated in high school sports together, were in FBLA together, played in the jazz bands in school and rocked out to Stryper and Van Halen together, went camping together, double dated, worked together at Camp ID RA HA JE, prayed together, dreamed together, skied together, acted in plays together, went to Navigators together, philosophized together, fought and disagreed with each other, and we have been as close as brothers.

I love you bro. You have made such a huge impact on many people in many different ways. Thank you for encouraging me in the Lord when we were young and being such a strong example of the grace, and love then embodies the true ideals of Christ. Thank you for showing those same characteristics to the many people that you have come into contact with since college.

You worked hard, and played even harder, you thought large and never let barriers (or the ‘buts’) get in the way. You always helped others strive for their own best. And you always knew how to make people smile.

Robert you will live forever in my heart. My Brother. . .

Bob, Barb, and Susan. You know I love you like my own family. Thanks for taking me in as one of your own. May the Lord continue to fill your heart with peace. I love you all.

Mark Pavlica

From: Carolyn <ckedwards at yahoo.com>
Date: June 19, 2002

Oh Robert.....You'll never fully realize the impact you had on your friends, family and those who met you briefly. Your kindness, generosity, enthusiasm, thirst for knowledge and love of life was a true inspiration. After all, how many people keep biscuits when they don't even have a dog? I have never known anyone who was so well balanced and lived so completely. Keep smiling Robert :).

Love and miss you-

From: Rose Marcotte <rosebuckaroo at yahoo.com>
Date: June 18, 2002

I am grateful to have been close to Robert. My life has never be the same since the day I met him. I will always miss his friendship and love. Until last week I did not believe in the afterlife, but now I must at least hope that our paths will cross again. I miss you so much, Robert. Love, Rose

From: Christopher Zajic (cousin) <zajicapp at aol.com>
Date: June 18, 2002

I only got to see Robert Jon once a year on average, but anytime spent with him was a good time. Whenever R.J came around it was if no time had passed, and we would always hit it off right off the bat. All five of my siblings would look forwards to his visits emensely, as they were always cherished. R.J was always down for having fun and would participate with great enthusiasim no matter what the event was; hiking,swiming,sking,snowboarding,board games, vidiogames, soccer, cliffdiving, clubbing, concerts, and just hanging out(and most recently foosball in which he beat me 5 consective times in his most recent visit in march). Any event with R.J involved seemed like the best thing going because of his presence.

I always admired R.J in his ability to accept and enjoy others no matter who they were. He really seemed to bring out the best in people. He was obviously brilliant yet never looked down upon others. R.J was independant of thought and would always stand up and argue for what he believd in. These are the traits that ill remember Robert Jon by.

This is a little saying that Robert and I created one day before heading up to Mt. Reba that typified our fun and goofy times together.

You ready to shread?
Hey,Im out of bed!!

Ready to ski?

Here's to you R.J
Love Christopher

From: Julie (Butterbaugh) Stinton <julie at stinton.com>
Date: June 18, 2002

I haven't seen Robert since the early 1980's when he and I were in a high school play together. I had the good fortune to have a year of drama with him and during that time to learn that friendship and decency can transcend even the strongest differences of peer groups. Although he was a year younger than I, he seemed even then to have it all "together". And as I've read the memories shared by his friends on this site, I can see that he indeed kept it all "together".

What a wonderful tribute to Robert that you all have put together and what a wonderful way to celebrate his life. Sometimes we're lucky enough to touch greatness, and even luckier to realize it.

I know this is small comfort to his family; be that as it may, I pray they know that Robert lives on in the many people he has touched in this life, whether it be an acquaintance of yesterday, or of long ago.

As I look at the pictures of Robert in his adult life I can still see the boy who was a foot shorter than I, with a villain's mustache penciled above his upper lip and a sparkle in his eyes.....Play on Devious, play on.....

From: Lisa Thompkins <l_thompkins at hotmail.com>
Date: June 18, 2002

For the last 25 years, the Lunday family has been my second family. I practically lived in their home during junior high and high school, so losing Robert has been like losing a brother. I will cherish the memories I have of Robert. I remember playing games, singing camp songs, doing tons of youth group activities, and helping him campaign for for a state FBLA officer, "Lunday, the one way, for FBLA." He was kind, caring, patient, considerate and fun. Two summers ago, Robert took my sons and I out on his sailboat and we had a wonderful time. He took time to show us the ins and outs of the boat and gave both Adam and Isaac and opportunity to steer. It was such a treat for us and a great time for me to catch up with Robert. It is funny, but I remember thinking after that day how fully Robert was living his life. He was holding back or waiting for tomorrow . . . he was doing the things that made him happy. I am so glad that he was able to do things in his 34 years that most of us only dream of being able to do in our lifetime.

To Bob, Barb, Susan, Paul, Emily, Seth, and Annaliese, I am so sorry for your loss. My heart aches for you. You all are so close and I know that you feel an incredible emptiness without Robert. Please know that our prayers are with you and if you need us, we are here for you. You are our family and we love you.

Love, Lisa, Adam, and Isaac Thompkins

From: Stranger by the Minute
Date: June 18, 2002

WE are so sad to hear of the loss of our dear friend Robert. He was a kind man, always there for our band as we started out. He was the first to give us an opportunity to perform, and, he kept our web site looking good. Robert was a man who dedicated his life to helping others. His love for others extended from helping to free those who are unjustly imprisoned, to supporting the Center for Wooden Boats. You are the example we should all live by. Yes, Robert is a man and a half; two wrapped into one.

Our thoughts will always be with you.

Dean and Gary, of strangerbytheminute.com

From: D. Paul Stanford <stanford at crrh.org>
Date: June 17, 2002

Thank you Robert, for all you have done for so many.

I just want to express my appreciation for your dedication to our mutual cause of drug policy reform and for hemp.net's pioneering web activism, and my sadness at your untimely passing.

My prayers are with you with best wishes for you and all concerned.

Only the good die young. We shall overcome.


Yours truly,

From: Gary Siegel <remedyss at aol.com>
Date: June 17, 2002

Robert was both a friend and a brother to me. I met him while him durring the reconstructionon of the Endurance; his life has influenced me since. I remember when I first met Robert, at the Lockhaven boat yard, the ship writes said ," he's pretty good for a computer guy". {That is a high complement in their world}

When I bought my first boat Robert was the first in line to help me learn to sail it. He was there for me on the first trip on my current vessel (lilioukalani). It is hard to descrbe the joy we felt racing, and kicking but on his boat the Endurance. I learned to sail with Robert and Chris R. , and we had all planned to sail to Hawaii next summer. Robert was excelent on the helm, and was feerless in shallow water. He always kept cool in when danger, and smiled in the face of adversity.

As I sail in the future, when the wind fills my sails the memory of Robert we be felt deep with in my soul.

I love ya Robert! Gary Siegel

From: Meike Hoffmeister <meihoffmeister at compuserve.com>
Date: June 16, 2002

"Stop all the clocks, cut off the telephone,
Prevent the dog from barking with a juicy bone,
Silence the pianos and with muffled drum
Bring out the coffin, let the mourners come.

Let aeroplanes circle moaning overhead
Scribbling on the sky the message He is Dead.
Put crepe bows round the white necks of public doves,
Let the traffic policemen wear black cotton gloves.

He was my North, my South, my East and West.
My working week and my Sunday rest,
My noon, my midnight, my talk, my song;
I thought that love would last forever; I was wrong.

The stars are not wanted now: put out every one;
Pack up the moon and dismantle the sun;
Pour away the ocean and sweep up the wood;
For nothing now can ever come to any good."

Lieber Robert, ich kann es nicht fassen, dass du einfach fortgenommen wurdest. Warum??? Ich werde nie die schöne Zeit vergessen, die wir miteinander hatten: In unserer kleinen WG in Hamburg, als du mich in Philadelphia besucht hast, beim Langlauf in Eldora und Bicking in den Rocky Mountains, 4. Juli mit deiner Familie am Possom-Kingdom-Lake, und das letzte Mal Segeln in Seattle. Ich werde dich sehr vermissen!
My heart goes out to his wonderful family, who welcomed me with such warmth! With love, Meike

From: Vivian McPeak <viv at inwa.net>
Date: June 16, 2002

There is no language to describe the impact Robert had on our lives, except the language of LOVE. I've never known anyone else who was all things to all people. Friend, activist, businessman, strategist, philanthropist, traveller, human being...Robert excelled at all-with class, humility, grace and charm.

The day before Robert fell ill i was talking on the phone with Dom and we declared "if Robert has a dark side we ain't seen it". The greatest gift Robert gave to us is as an example of what a complete, whole and balanced human being is.

I love you Robert. I honor you with praise and thanks, and I pledge to remember all the good, for there's nuthin' bad to forget. Om Mani Padme Hum. Namastay.

From: Jack & Winnie <CoMcBs at aol.com>
Date: June 16, 2002

What wonderful memories we have of being with the Lunday family on a houseboat at Lake Powell. We learned what a loving, supportive family our son married into, and we praise the Lord always for all of them.
Robert was so special to us and always treated us with such respect, helpfulness and genuine love. Although Robert leaves an empty spot in our hearts, we turn to the Lord Jesus for comfort, and He fills our hearts with Himself.
Our prayers are with Bob, Barb, Susan and Paul as they must take care of the business at hand. We love you all... Jack & Winnie

From: Kristina Zajic <kzajic at msn.com>
Date: June 16, 2002

I am fairly new to the Zajic family - married into the family in California almost six years now. So, I did not get much opportunity to spend a lot of time with cousin Robert as we were in different states.

In October 2000 I was in Washington for a professional conference and rooming with a woman that I had just met. Uncle Bob and Aunt Barb insisted that I spend the evening with them (they are so gracious) . . . they told me to expect Robert to pick me up at my hotel. Well when he arrived, he had no idea who I was . . . kinda "deer in the headlights look." He was expecting a different cousin - Kristine Zajic-Angle, not Kristina Zajic. Needless to say, he still welcomed me in his car and we had a wonderful time getting to know one another on the congested highway. SMILE

Upon arriving at Bob and Barb's home, we celebrated Robert's birthday a bit late. Robert was so sweet and was the Ring Master and orchestrator for the game "Duck, Duck, Goose" as requested by his niece Emily.

What a great uncle!

This is how I choose to remember Robert . . . sweet and gentle. It was not below him to roll around on the floor with the people he loved.

This is to you my cousin . . . Duck . . . Duck . . . GOOSE!!!


From: Lisa Brown, cousin <LisaDianneB at hotmail.com>
Date: June 15, 2002

How can I possibly say all the things that I'm feeling right now. I just met my "new family" two years ago in June and now I've lost a special cousin. The three or four days I was at the reunion, I noticed some great qualities about Robert and noticed that these qualities are a reflection of his mom and dad, my Uncle Bob and Aunt Barb. He was kind and an attentive listener-just like his parents; had a passion for life-just like his parents (being a kid came easy for him-it doesn't matter how old you are). He also had a positive attitude-just like his parents, AND our grandmother! What a wonderful thing it is to see such magnificent qualities being passed down from generation to generation. What a blessing it is for all of us to witness and to carry forth in our lives.

Uncle Bob, Aunt Barb, Susan, Paul, and your children, my thoughts and prayers are with you. I will miss Robert. I love you all.

Lisa, Tim, Shelley, Tyler, and Tara

From: Joel Deaguero <adriannede at attbi.com>
Date: June 15, 2002

Robert, you will forever amaze me with your brilliance and open heart.

You were a great help to me during difficult personal and professional times, and so earnest in your friendship I never felt my problems were small to you.

The world is dimmer without you.

From: Dougie D <douglas.montgomery at attbi.com>
Date: June 15, 2002

I didnt know Robert well as others. I will not forget you and what you have done for me. Peace be with you Dougie D

From: Tony Naughtin <tony at internap.com>
Date: June 15, 2002

The sense of loss that Beth and I feel at Robert's passing is so very deep, as is our sympathy for Bob, Barb, Susan and Paul, and everyone else in their family.

He was truly an exceptional person, very smart, very capable, but balanced and fun-loving. Robert had great courage for his convictions and beliefs in both spiritual and intellectual ways. We are honored to have had him as a friend...we will miss him greatly.

Tony Naughtin

From: John Dietz <john at iship.com>
Date: June 14, 2002

My heart goes out to Robert’s family and friends. I hope that everyone can see just how many lives Robert touched and changed for the better.

Robert was one of the most intelligent human beings to walk this earth, and was always ready to tackle the greatest of challenges. He had such dedication to his work, to his friends, and to his ideas. Robert was a positive, warm-hearted person and a real pleasure to be around. Always, even in the most intense work times. I am a better person today because I had the fortune of working with Robert back in ’94 & ’95. I will always remember him.

Robert Jon Lunday “dared to do mighty things.” He was and ever shall be an inspiration. And he will be deeply missed by so, so many…

From: Cusin Cindy <zebralove at msn.com>
Date: June 14, 2002

I will remeber Robert on a skido with my son nathan at the inprompt family reunion in TX. The night I was informed about his unfortunate passing it broke my heart in half. I remember all the times in Co that we would visit and play with Ralph and Spanky. Aunt Barb, Uncle Bob I wish that I could be there for you when you need us like you were there for me. I have always said that you are like a second mom and dad for me. You have all the love that I can give and then more.

Robert, you are in my heart and in my mind.

I will never forget you and the water fight we had in Tx. That is the way I want and will remember you.

Your family
Cindy, Vic, and the Boys
Nathan and Paul

From: Roger Roffman <roffman at u.washington.edu>
Date: June 14, 2002

I didn't know Robert very well, and many facets of this man's passions and gifts weren't part of my knowledge. However, on a number of occasions over the past decade, Robert generously and wisely offered advice and consultation to me about studies in which he was interested. His counsel consistently made a difference in terms of my work at the UW, and in reading the many messages from his family and friends, it's clear that he made a difference for many many others.

Roger Roffman
UW School of Social Work

From: Andy Ko <ko at aclu-wa.org>
Date: June 14, 2002

The last contact that I had with Robert was so Robert – gentle, kind and encouraging:

Email regarding I-75, Friday, June 7, 2002, 4:56 PM

I wrote, "We'd never get anywhere with a bunch of dumb old Ko-s."

Robert wrote, "We'd never get anywhere with a bunch of any one of us! Fortunately, we've got a lot of very smart and talented individuals, each doing righteous work in their own way. And yes, that's why we're going to win."

You will be missed, Robert.

Andy Ko

From: Nora Callahan <nora at november.org>
Date: June 14, 2002

Robert was one of the most gentle and kind souls I've met on my own trek through this life on earth to date. I look at his picture, on the screen - and want him and all to know that he made a difference in thousands of prisoners of the drug war's lives. A huge difference, with Robert's help and guidance, he touched the lives of so many of the victims of unjust drug laws. In the doing so, he touched my own in a special way. I will never forget him.
I love his memory, a place where Robert Lunday lives in all of us who were fortunate to know him.

From: Jo Rockwell <mojorocks at hotmail.com>
Date: June 14, 2002


"If I could reach up and hold a star for everytime you've made us smile, I'd have the entire night sky in the palm of my hand" (ES)

The short time that I have known you, I've been lucky enough to hold a lot of great memories. All the holiday celebrations at Abi's, watching you and my brother work on the boat with such inspiration and dedication, our adventure to the public speech made by Dole ( I say adventure very lightly, I thought I was going to be beaten down!) the time I stayed with you and my brother and you asked "Can we keep her?" because I cooked and cleaned for you, and many, many more. You ARE an amazing person who knew what he wanted out of life. live it to it's fullest and make a difference, and you most certainly did! Thanks for watching out for my brother for me since I've been gone!" May your rivers flow without end... Where something strange, more beautiful and full of wonder than your deepest dreams awaits you."(EA) You will be missed deeply.
With love,

From: Danette Jensen <aprildrive at yahoo.com>
Date: June 14, 2002

Dear Lunday Family,

I am a friend of Barb's. I am so sorry for Rob's passing.


The gift of life you have given with your organs is the greatist gift. Many people's lives will be changed by these gifts of love.

My love goes out to the Lunday family. I am thinking of you and praying for you.
God will give you comfort each day.
Love Danette ^,,^

From: Michael Holden <Michael at Hemp.net>
Date: June 14, 2002

Last Saturday night I DJ'd my first public party and Robert (in true Robert style) came out to support me. He was dancin' to disco and house like a freak the whole time! When he left he said that he had a great time.

The more I thought about it, though, that evening is very indicative of how Robert led his life: Robert came out to support a friend doing something new and untested. I mean, hearing a friend in public DJ for the first time is 100% guaranteed to be a bumpy ride...but Robert was there, smilin', dancin', having a great time. Seeing his familiar face in the crowd was something that I'll never forget.

Likewise, he has helped innumerable causes, people, friends and relationships at very early or crucial stages of their development. I think that this has magnified effect that he has had on the world. Robert was the master of stepping in at the right moment with the right attitude and willing hands. And despite everything, he didn't become cynical, and he never lost faith in the power inside of himself or his ability to change the world. Wow.

Love ya, man. Take care, wherever you are. You are part of us forever.


From: Jeanne Kohl-Welles <Kohl_je at leg.wa.gov>
Date: June 14, 2002

I'm still incredulous--I am having a very difficult time absorbing the fact of Robert's death. Although he was relatively young, he was very knowledgeable about many matters and so very, very wise. He not only taught me a great deal and was always willing to assist me in gathering background information for use in drafting legislation, he also was very insightful in understanding the nuances and politics of achieving social change. I, along with many, many friends and family members, have been blessed in having been part of his life. But also have been many people whose lives have been enhanced who did not know Robert, but benefitted from his behind the scenes work in many public policy areas.

Jeanne Kohl-Welles
State Senator
36th Legislative District

From: Teresa Dick <tdick at peoplepc.com>
Date: June 14, 2002

I had the incredible privelege of meeting the Lunday family as a freshmen in college. Bob and Barb had been praying for Susan's roommates and God gave them me because He knew I needed them. Be careful what you pray for! I watched this incredible family very closely for the entire year. I saw the love and commroderie they had for each other which was nothing I had ever seen before. They took me under their wings and welcomed me into the family.

Robert I will cherish the ski trips, game nights and trips to Frisco. Robert because I watched you and your family love the Lord I gave my life to Him and it has never been the same. Thank you for being part of the greatest time in my life.

I am so glad that when I brought my girls to Seattle we got to have dinner with you. I just never thought it would be for the last time. My heart is so sad. I will miss you.

Bob, Barb, Susan, Paul - I am so sorry. I have been praying and have asked my prayer warrior friends to pray for you. I love you guys and wish we could be there.

Teresa Dick

From: Owl <owl at owljester.com>
Date: June 14, 2002

Though we were not able to become close, Robert was always helpful when I need him. He was part of my tribe and touched so many peoples lives. I dont pretend to understand how the Great Sperit makes decisions but I do know that death is only a gate way to the next step. I feel we are lucky to have had Robert in our lives for as long as we did and those lives he will move on to touch are now blessed by our loss since now he can bring his light on to them.

Thank you Robert for shareing your time with us.

From: Scott Meyer <wandering.earth at verizon.net>
Date: June 13, 2002


I remember when you interviewed me when I first moved here.
I will always remember why a sewer cover is round (so it doesn't fall in) <:o). I always enjoyed working with you and your friendship (and the cool blue room you have). You are one cool cat... I will miss you <:o(.

I know Peace and Love reign where you're at and you deserve this as this is what you were.

Peace... Scott

From: Toni Allen <geekgrrl at lycos.com>
Date: June 13, 2002

Even thought it's been many years since I've seen Robert, I still feel as if a light has gone out of our lives. I had always hoped to get to know him better and how I wish I had accepted one of those invitations to go sailing! I kept thinking we would have time to go later...

Robert, you touched more lives here than you know. All the best in your new adventure.

From: Michael Cavanaugh <mcavanaugh at mn.rr.com>
Date: June 13, 2002

I first met Robert in Boulder attending school at CU and later spent a summer rooming together in Golden. What a fantastic person to know and love. Robert spent many nights at the "house of no time" doing school projects and just hanging out. It had been awhile since we last talked in person, but my memory of Robert is crystal clear and he will be remembered for the humorous, caring person that he had been.

From: Purple Beth <sourceress1 at earthlink.net>
Date: June 13, 2002

I can only guess that there is more important work for you to do else where, Robert - that the cosmos has been watching the wonderful human being you are and needs your talents, dedication and spirit in another realm.

I am forever grateful to you for being the one who first helped me come out of my "closet" - let me know I was okay and all would be okay and you put me to work - some of the best work I've done in my life. Thank you for all that you have given me: encouragement, help, smiles and laughter, an understanding of the importance of working for freedom for ALL. I will miss your smiling face when I come up to Seattle in August. Peace be with you on your new journey.

Love, Beth

From: Glo in the Dark <meehan at eskimo.com>
Date: June 13, 2002

Robert...Always willing to listen, non-judgemental, quiet and demonstrative all at the same time, intelligence, humility; what the heck are we going to do without you on this plane of existence? I felt like I'd jumped into a partially frozen lake when I 'heard the news'. Everything I knew about you, experienced with you, no matter how meaningless it seemed at the time, came rushing back to me: you were always good for a Red Hook and, how many times were we 'chinese-eyed'? Trivalities become important as I struggle to grasp this new reality and keep your image fresh. I want to always remember you, how you touched my life and made all the difference.

The 'love you gave' will always be MORE than 'the love you take'. Robert...you're an old soul...I've seen you before and will see you again.

From: Ed Schroeder <ed.schroeder at cusys.edu>
Date: June 13, 2002

Riding around Boulder in the Sirocco. Making fresh bread in Frisco. Flying to Cheyenne for touch and goes. Showing up in your dad’s Trans Am during a major snowstorm. The pure joy in espresso from a drive-up window. Riding off on the Nighthawk wearing my old leather jacket.

Robert knew how to spend life, not save it. An amazing teacher.

You will always be with us,
Ed, Kathryn and Willow Grace

From: jackie <jacks at hemp.net>
Date: June 13, 2002

oh robert,
i thought i had my whole life to love you and no words can describe the depth of my sadness and the sadness of the so so many loved ones that have come together for support at this time.

knowing you improved every relationship in my life and i will miss you, love, cherish, respect and honor you all of my days. you have left a legacy of love that is unrivaled.

safe travels my friend, and peace be with us all.

nothing can bring back the hour
of splendor in the grass
glory in the flower
grieve not, rather find
strength in what remains behind

From: Jimmy Wheeler <jimmy42942 at yahoo.com>
Date: June 13, 2002

Joanna called with the news. For some time I didn’t understand what she was saying, I could not visualize you not being here. I still can’t.

Medical marijuana would have happened in Washington State sooner or later, you and Hemp-Net help make it sooner. You touched so many in so many ways.

Say “High” to Ralph and Judith for me.

Peace & Love


From: Mitchell London <mitchell at venture-foundry.com>
Date: June 13, 2002

I'm very saddened by this news.

Life is just too short...

It's been many years since I saw Robert. I have especially positive memories of spending time together on a very long bike ride during the most turbulent period in my life, circa 1995. Robert seemed to have been able to rise above the animosities that were rampant at our company at the time. He was an admirable human being.

From: Judimc <judimclaughlin2112 at hotmail.com>
Date: June 12, 2002

It has been a few years since I have seen Robert but I will never forget him. His gentle spirit, his kindness, and his incredible way of making everyone feel like a friend are only a few of the ways to discribe an amazing person. He will be missed.

I pray for his family and friends during these hard times and ask that you all remember how much he gave of himself to so many, and remember how much better all our lives are for having known him.

GB - judimc

From: Tim Hinderliter <kyd at disorder.net>
Date: June 12, 2002


You were such a great friend to me. Some of my best times in life were the trips we took on many years to Frisco, Colorado. Those ski vacations were such fun; we really got in to a lot of (fun) trouble out there! I always looked forward to President's Day weekend, and really, any time that I spent with you.

You really were an inspiration to us all. Your involvement in activism brought a lot of help to many people around Washington. You inspired many people to get involved.

I love you so much, Robert. You will be dearly missed. You will be in my heart forever.

-Tim Hinderliter

From: Jen Harrison <jimjenorion at msn.com>
Date: June 12, 2002

My goodness. I just learned that you are no longer walking on the Earth with us Robert, and I can't believe it. The world is a better place because you were - and will always continue to be – here in our hearts. I so enjoyed working with you so many years ago, and every time our paths crossed I was always filled with love and appreciation for you. You are truly a magical spirit. Your grace, passion for life, intelligence and humility I will never forget. You acted on your values, followed your bliss and provided a true example of a visionary for the 21st century.

Reading Sesha's words of your last days, I am reminded of your beauty. Thank you so much for sharing yourself with us.

In Buddhist tradition, we believe that the spirit is reborn again and again, always striving for enlightenment. Perhaps you were a Bodhisattva, an enlightened spirit that came back to teach us by your example for a short time. I continue to learn from you. Thank you so very much.


From: Linda C. Lunday (Aunt Linda) <lclunday at yahoo.com>
Date: June 12, 2002

I wish to address my heart-felt sympathy and thoughts to Robert Jon (in memoriam), Robert, Barbara, Susan, Paul, and our family, and all who knew and loved him.

Robert Jon, I am so sorry that life took you away too, too soon and unaware. You were a special nephew -- so dear to all of us. We always looked forward to you and your family's arrival in Mineral Wells each year that you came to visit. I remember how special our first trip was to Colorado to visit you all at Easter. It snowed about 8" during the night, and we fixed snow ice cream and hid Easter eggs in the snow. It was really special to live near you when we lived in Aurora during the early '80's. I remember we were all sitting at the dinner table at our house on Thanksgiving when it began snowing. We moved back to Texas before you graduated from high school, but I was so proud of you for being valedictorian of your class as Susan had been. Both of you served as encouragement to me to continue to attend college to receive my undergraduate degree, even if I am a "senior."

Your Uncle Stan and I really enjoyed being with you summer before last in Seattle. It was great to see "the sea captain" at work on his sailing vessel with his Dad. Buddy, I am so sorry that you had to leave us!

Barbara, Robert, Susan, and Paul, my heart broke Monday night when we heard the news about Robert Jon. My heart broke for all of you and for him. You have been in my heart and prayers continuously since Monday night, from the moment I heard. Losing a loved one is so traumatic, but losing him so suddenly and unexpectedly is more so. We think our hearts will never heal and be pieced back together again -- ever. But, with God's love and your trust and dependence on Him for a sense of peace and comfort that only He can give, your hearts will begin to heal. Memories that you have of all the special times you shared will be even more precious. A thought that I had today was that perhaps Robert Jon's gift of life to the recipients of his donation will save and allow a special person like Robert Jon to accomplish wonderful things God has in store--like a minister or missionary, a school teacher, or a special parent like you were for Robert Jon and are for Susan. Only God knows why He allowed Robert Jon's death to occur. Remember the expression, "God takes the lemons and makes lemonade?" He will let something good come.

When I lost my Dad over 34 years ago suddenly in a car accident, I thought I would never come to grips with it. I was 24 years old, Jeff had just turned 1, and life was great. My Dad loved his first grandson and he really enjoyed every moment he spent with Jeff. I felt cheated when he died. We had just started to relate to one another as adults and to trust each other's judgment. It was a very difficult time, but a few years later I looked back and saw how God stood by me the whole time I went through the process of grieving. When my Mother passed away four years ago, I sensed that something special happened in her room. I believe God was there, too. I know He gave me peace at a time I dreaded for 30 years--when she joined Jesus and my Dad in Heaven. It takes time to heal.

I wish we could be there right now with you. We are sorry that we can't come, but our hearts and prayers are right there with you all. I know Robert Jon's friends hurt, too, and miss him terribly. Together, perhaps you can help one another through this time of grief. May God bless and keep you, Dear Ones.
Love, Linda

From: James Lunday <jelunday at aol.com>
Date: June 12, 2002

As, I write this note, I'm looking at the "ole" famous photo, that was taken when Amy,Susan,Cindy,Jeff,You, and I (as small kids) sleeping on the floor at Grandmother and Grand-dad Lunday's home in Mineral Wells. Oh what great moment in time. We, as an family have been thur alot, laughing, sharing, crying, and just having fun as all us "Lunday Cousins" did. I have been told not to be sad or to dewell over the person's death but to refect over the person's life and what joy they brought here on earth. I know that life has taken all of us down diffent path ways in life and the only time we saw each other was like every few years. I have always looked up to you. I as try to refect just over last week and what I did and who I spoke with, just don't know what life holds for us. But now you are "Safe in the Shepherd's Arm's" and you will be missed by all of us. I will NEVER forget you dear cousin, Robert Jon. May The Lord Bless us and keep us in HIS arm's until we ALL MEET together as an FAMILY. Robert, you did not leave us you will live on thur the lives that you gave an second chance in life to. Your Cous, James know to the Lunday family (Jimmy)

From: The Center for Wooden Boats <cwb at cwb.org>
Date: June 12, 2002

All of us at CWB are shocked and saddened by Robert's death. He was a good friend to us (he provided a lot of pro bono help and internet service). Looking over the entries folks are making on this site it's obvious that we are all sharing in a tragedy. Somebody smart told me that the most important thing is to live your life so that you have lots of good stories to tell. I also feel like it's important to live so that other people can tell lots of good stories about you. Robert's life may have been short. It was clearly successful.

Bob Perkins, Executive Director, on behalf of The Center for Wooden Boats

From: Ben <benrae19 at hotmail.com>
Date: June 12, 2002

When I first came to Seattle in 1999 for school I packed my car with my girlfriend and Buddy and headed west from New Hamsphire. You were kind and generous to allow us to stay with you and Chris while we searched for a place to live. It took about 2 months, and not becuase of lack of effort. You and Chris would make jokes to us about if we were ever going to leave. You wouldn't take our money, but at least I cooked some good meals for us. We had some great times together that summer I will never forget. You have touched my life in my ways because of the person you were to all of us. I'm proud to have been part of your wonderful life and I will miss you. I will never forget you and all the great things you have accomplished.

I was there for the east coast 4:20!

From: Steve Teglovic <stevet at iship.com>
Date: June 12, 2002

It has been a few years since I have spent time with Robert. However, back in our days I routinely introduced Robert as the smartest guy that I had ever meet (and it was true). He had a brilliant mind; he was gifted intellectually, yet you could never tell how brilliant he was by just hanging with him, he was so mellow and easygoing. He was a kind person with great humility. He treated us lesser souls as equals, but I for one doubt if Robert had many equals.

So Much To Do, So Little Done

LECTOR, SI MONUMENTUM REQUIRIS CIRCUMSPICE (Latin for – Reader if you seek his monument look around you)

Steve Teglovic

From: Justin <jgama1 at hotmail.com>
Date: June 12, 2002

Robert, I was not a long time friend, nor was I your closest. But the incredible respect and admiration I hold for you would indicate otherwise. You were a good friend and brother to all of us and we are forever grateful for that. I will always remember the journeys and the wisdom that you shared with me. Thank you.

You're gonna have to leave me now, I know
But I'll see you in the sky above,
In the tall grass and the ones I love
You're gonna make me lonesome when you go

From: Clint Fisher <clint at funky.net>
Date: June 12, 2002

Robert, you were a true patriot and renaissance man. I have, and the world at large has, lost a hero.

Your infectious passion for life in all its variety helped others immeasurably. And the same could be said for your sense of humor too.

You loved your country - so much so that you stood up, as our founders would have, and demanded justice. And your work was not for naught - to the contrary, your work has blossomed into something that has made the world stand up and take notice. Your work has given courage to the meek - myself included.

You were a top-notch sailor who taught me, and I'm sure many others, how to sail. A skill not to be taken lightly - for it is being in harmony with nature, being energy independent and still being able to "get around".

You were pilot, navigator, engineer, and bard all rolled into one. Not once did I ever feel unsafe while out on a boat with you at the tiller Robert. You were a great sailor and a great mentor.

I'm not going to say "may the winds be at your back" Robert, because it really didn't matter which way the wind was blowing, you could always move forward and still have fun.

Sail on brother! And thank you for all you have done.

From: Kevin Black <kevin at hemp.net>
Date: June 12, 2002

When I had problems with my ISP, you were there, giving me an account because "we need you to be online."
You donated $500 dollars to the Vigil program and purchased one of the most incredible displays we could ever ask for.
I'll remember the smiles, laughter, comeraderie that belied the intelligence and intensity underneath.
Warrior, Businessman, Friend, Brother. You wore them all well.
Peaceful Journeys, Robert. I'll miss you.

From: Jon G. <gravesj at nwlink.com>
Date: June 12, 2002

I knew you such a short time but the brilliance you shared with me will last the rest of my life. Thank you for it. You are a knoble warrior for peace and an inspiration to us all.

Peace Brother.

From: Gary <Gary at Giantradio.com>
Date: June 12, 2002

I would like to take my hat off to you for all of your support, kindness and willingness to go the extra mile when I, and others needed it.
Many times you took time out to help from your busy life. You did not have to, and I really appreciated your selflessnes.

I will miss you personally as a friend and as a peer.

You always tried to be the best at what you did and at the same time encouraged me to do the same.
Thank you for everything.


From: Emily Jo <jemilyo at hemp.net>
Date: June 12, 2002

It was such a pleasant surprise to see you at that party last Saturday. Now I see what an absolute gift that was: to be able to see you smile at me, to embrace you, to see you dance like the crazy, intense, passionate wild boy that you've always been...
Now you're gone and it's absolutely devastating because I've lost a beautiful, generous friend and because an entire movement lost a white knight among movers and shakers. Your passing is a heavy, heavy blow, but like a fallen old growth tree that has seen a millennium go by and then some, many seeds have already been planted and life is growing on what has fallen. It's like what Fern said last night's meeting: your presence is there, in all the people you've touched with your grace, humor your time, your time that you made so precious because you made the most of what you had. It's really amazing, because you're gone now, your friends, your comrades are recognizing the wonderful life you led. They're learning by your example, and that's the best gift you can impart to so many people.
Thank you so much for what you've done. Thanks for all that you've done for my bro, Dom. Thanks for your light that will continue to shine in all the souls that you've touched. Thanks and praises for Robert Lunday.

From: kevin <farmer421 at hotmail.com>
Date: June 12, 2002

I don't know what to say. You lived the way I aspire to be. From my pajama party, Mt. Baker, multiple skiing adventures, Vancouver, B.C., Sushi Moto, camping at Ancient Lakes, the outlaw party, and sailing, to your last moments, I feel so very fortunate to have been a willing paticipant in part of your journey. May we all try to enjoy life as much as you.

"...Love like you've never been hurt, dance like nobody is watching..."
If Robert only knew we were watching....

I love you Robert.

From: jeff cook <jeff at hemp.net>
Date: June 12, 2002

Thank you Robert. We appreciate what you have done. We see the mark you have left behind.

The influence that you have had over the people around you is substantial.

Your actions will not go unnoticed. Your footsteps will lead us. Your inspiration will carry us.

You were one of the first to make me feel welcome when I came to Hempfest.

I gratefully acknowledge your contributions in shaping my understanding and perception.

Thank you for everything that you have shared with the world. Your life has had significant purpose.

jeff cook

From: Mike Horner <mihorner at hotmail.com>
Date: June 12, 2002

Robert, I only got to know you for a couple of months. I had a great time up in Vancouver. Thank you for having me over to your home. I will miss you. You are a true visionary and one of the friendliest people.


From: Brian <bhkadish at aol.com>
Date: June 12, 2002

"with deep vision we can see in a different, more hopeful way"

Robert, I want to thank you for your kindness, you have tought me many lessons that I can apply to my life. I will always miss you dearly.

love, affection, harmony and beauty forever,


From: frank <frog at inwa.net>
Date: June 12, 2002

I never met Robert face-to-face. I knew him only as the main man behind inwa, my ISP; he was usually logged in when I checked current users.

But the freakiest thing is, when I looked at his home page, there was a picture of me right next to a picture of him. I'm holding my protest sign "Ballard says NO to WTO"; he's speaking at a rally.

So our lives intermingled behind the scene of my consciousness. Maybe if I'd checked his web site before he died...

And what's up with brain aneurysms?

From: Ric Smith <budcando at hotmail.com>
Date: June 12, 2002

Your contributions are phenomenal. We'll be forever grateful for having known you, Robert.

From: Rebecca
Date: June 12, 2002

When, at the request of my publisher, I asked three Webmasters to critique my book (_Building Better Web Pages_), one Webmaster just raved about it, which was flattering, but not very helpful. Another gave a few personal likes and dislikes. Robert took the time to think about the book and to write pages of suggestions, which he gave to me in a very organized report when we met for our one-on-one "thanks for reading" lunch at Tum Tup Thai in West Seattle.

I was really overwhelmed by both the breadth and value of Robert's suggestions -- and mentioned in my Acknowledgments how Robert had gone above-and-beyond. I got the sense that I was dealing with someone who, when asked to go a mile, would go a hundred, even though his manner seemed so relaxed and casual at first glance. Robert was like a Tootsie Roll Pop-- boyish charm on the outside, with a super-achiever -- a generous super-achiever -- center.

He picked the most enjoyable restaurant, too. :)

From: Sesha Ward <sesha at hemp.net>
Date: June 11, 2002

I feel so fortunate to have spent time with Robert twice this last week. I know that it was a good one for him. When he came to me for a massage on Tuesday, he was raving about how his day was already so great and that upon leaving my place, he was excited about attending his neice's b-day party. We talked about life being good. On Saturday night he was having a great time at a party dancing with friends and Sunday - I hear he was amongst close friends as well. I'm confident he left this world a happy man, and will be born again a smiling soul.

You lived a rightous life, brother. Good luck in your journey. Love, Sesha

From: Darral420 <darral_g at yahoo.com>
Date: June 11, 2002

When the old ones die
I don't cry
it's time.
But when the young ones die,
I cry
for what might have been.

From: Ivy <ivy at peacenikjive.com>
Date: June 11, 2002

We love you, brother.

From: Lisa Dana B <ldanab213 at netscape.net>
Date: June 11, 2002


You gave to me your generosity, love, free spirit and integrity. Robert, I will give your generosity, love, free spirit and integrity to the world in the way I live my life.

I promise.

Thank you. I love you....funny dancer... dance on baby!


From: Ben Livingston <ben at inwa.net>
Date: June 11, 2002

I really am indebted to you. You taught me so many things. You encouraged me to broaden my knowledge and supported me in all my endeavors. I looked up to you; you were my mentor and my brother. I'm gonna miss you so much.